Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

The first 2 pics are of Alexa and Avery.
They are Tae and Adi's friends.
They are so cute!
Alexa was a mermaid and Avery a Bumble Bee.
I need to crop the pics, but for now here they are....
Click to Enlarge.
Why is it that some pics will not enlarge?
Look at the bag in Avery's hand.
It is sooo cute, her Grandma Ann made it.
Junior was Spiderman. Junior and Grandpa. Taelynn was Ursula.
Tara made her Costume.
It was really neat.
She put green shiny scale looking fabric on one side,
and Shimmery Purple on the upside.
We made her a necklace with a big shell.
Her hair was so awesome.
A big white stripe up the middle.
Green eyeshadow and eyeliner.
A mole, and bright red lips.
She was upset because her legs were showing.
She kept asking if the kids would think she was
"the Real Ursula"
She looked so Ursula!
She has been so afraid of everything scary this year.
She has gone into a crying panic attack over any Halloween decoration.Gabrielle was a Kitty.
She always goes around meowing and licking people. So this fit her well. She was Tinkerbell for dancing. She would throw her arms back and say "Tinkerbell". She looked so cute! She loved Halloween. Not really scared of Halloween things. She thought the trunk r treat was really great! Tara and Darren and Tae. Tara was dressed up like a cowgirl. Shaun, Lindsey, Gabby and Stella. Grandma Heidi, Tae and Gabby. Look at Gabby's face. Soooo Darling. We wouldn't recognize Shaun without a phone to his ear! Ursula and Kitty. Jun just gave it up! We went to our Church, the kids sang Halloween songs and had a Parade. It was really fun! Adilynn wanted to be a Knight(like the backyardigans) Tara ordered her a knight costume and then embellished it. She has been singing the backyardigans song: I am a knight, that's right..... They love the backyardigans. Junior has all five of them in stuffed form, about 7" tall, he carries them with him everywhere, if he loses them, he starts saying: "my kids, where are my kids". He knows them all by name. Uniqua Pablo Tyrone Tosha and Austin Junior and Adilynn are not afraid of anything! What a fun day! I am glad we decided to wait until the morning to drive to Long Beach. I wouldn't have wanted to miss the kids! I LOVE YOU GUYS! 6:00 is going to come early for me! Our ship leaves the dock at 4:00p.m. We have to be boarded by 2:00. Good Night! See you all next week.


I will miss your blogs! See you in a week!
Bon Voyage!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Was I Speeding Sir?

I have a tendency to have a lead foot!
But not usually at night! I was leaving Las Vegas last night,
Oh...about 9:00(which is early for me). There is road work on the freeway in the city. It had just opened up to open highway, I kicked it up a notch and started up the road, when there they were red and blue flashing lights. OK, that is annoying because he was speeding too in order to be behind me! I was a little hesitant to roll the window down, but I did just a little, to hand out my drivers licence and registration (I know the routine). The highway patrol officer said he clocked me going 91. I cannot imagine that I was going that fast! But maybe for a split second. So he even wrote the ticket for 91 in a 75 and wrote the charge of $300. URRRRR! I just am so mad at myself!

Special Friend!

Tara (my daughter) has a very special friend Elsha.
They have been friends since they were really little.
They cheered together in high school and in college.
Elsha has always been Tara's Ally in life.
She has always had her back!
Elsha is the kind of friend that everyone needs!
We love her!
She gave this beautiful quilt to Tara for her Birthday.
Elshas Mom DeAnna made it.
It is amazing!
The colors are so alive. The Picture just does not do it justice.
Elsha's sister Brandy's baby has been very sick.
He passed away this past month.
He was a little over a year old.
He was a chubby, darling little boy.
The family has spent a lot of time traveling to SLC
to be with him and see him and help Brandy.
While traveling back and forth DeAnna
(an amazing woman)
would work on this quilt.
It has very special meaning to the family
because it reminds them of Miles.
Tara had a loving bond and sweet feelings toward Miles.
She always told me that Miles loved her
and she wanted to make a difference in his life.
They all know that he is running around now back with his Heavenly Father.
This family will be together forever!
This life is but a blink in the eternities.
Tara will cherish this quilt forever!
What a sweet and heartfelt gift!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Poor Barbie!

Barbie getting older.......Everyone Ages!
Barbies are so gorgeous and skinny!
Then why do they always look so damn uncomfortable??????

Auto Fill=Friend or Foe?

New Age Computer Stations:
Yea if anyone is not using auto fill.....Get Ur Done!
It is the greatest!
It is a little toooooo convenient!
Next time you go to order something on-line
hit the Auto Fill
It will remember all your information.
You just fill in your information one time,
Address, Credit Card # etc. and when you order anything
on line when you get to the fill in the information junk,
you just hit auto fill on your tool bar, and wa la.
Instant Purchase.
I hate it when I want to order something and my CC
is not in reach! I hate filling in all the information too!
This just does it all for you.
Pretty Cool!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Getting ready for the Holidays!

Deep Cleaning the house, getting ready for the Holidays.
These pictures made me laugh!
I needed that!
This one is for you Tara!Stupid
Seriously! are a few great recommendations:
Toledos Carpet Cleaning: 680-0170
Window Cleaning: 632-4176
I do not have my house cleaned on a regular basis,
poor me, I have to do it myself!
But I do love clean windows!
These guys even cleans all your mirrors inside!
Streak Free!
Clean Windows makes your whole house feel cleaner doesn't it?
I have never really had to clean my carpets before grand kids!
Well and of course because we move every 2 yrs.
We are now past the 2 yr. mark....
I am sure we will stay put for awhile until the market recovers!
I am having cleaning ladies come this week,
I have had them clean before on occasion,
and I do not know what they clean the Toilets,
Showers and Sinks with,
but they stay spotless forever!
I am excited! (funny what excites a woman)!
Clean Toilets, Showers, Carpet and Windows!

312 Minis

Little Babies.....
1/2 chocolate with choc. cream cheese frosting.
1/2 vanilla with vanilla cream cheese frosting.
This was 1 of a 2 part order.
I will be making the other 220 on Thurs.
Piece of Cake!
Ha Ha!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Need a Great Book!

I need a good Read!
Any suggestions?
(Like any of us have time to read)!
I want to take a good book on vacation.
I always take one, but never find time to read it,
I have been such a night owl lately, you never know!
Yes....I have read the Stephenie Meyers vampire series.
HELP! Need some recommendations!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Baptism Cake and Cupcakes

Our church believes that at age 8 a child is accountable.
So that is the age they are baptised and confirmed a member of the LDS church. I made a Baptism Cake and Cupcakes for Jacob a little boy that was just baptised.
His Grandma called me to make him something special,
with a spiritual connotation, but boyish.
I really had to brain storm about this.
So I made a sword cake, representing the stripling warriors.
The Shield I bought and then altered it by
putting Jacobs name on it.
The papers in the background have the scriptures for putting on the Armour of God,
and the Picture and story of the Stripling Warriors.
The Cupcakes are in gold wrappers, have gold chocolate coins(shields)
and I wrote CTR on them.
The Book of Mormon is opened to Alma.
Jacob loved it!
When I got back to his Grandma Peggy,
she loved the idea and said that they actually collect swords.
So it worked out good I think.
Chocolate Cake with my homemade fondant,
and Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla Butter cream.
The sword(I wish I would have taken a close up)was gray fondant
on the blade with decorating silver powder brushed on,
the guard was gold fondant with gold powder dusted on to make it look like real gold.
It also had embellishment's of black scrolls, black diamond shapes
with Red Jel topped with Red sprinkles to look like Ruby's.
The handle, black fondant with rolled stripes to look like leather.
It was a fun project!

Friday, October 24, 2008

A Halloween Cake for a Great Guy!

Happy B-Day Camden! You are a Great Person!
I was so happy to make you a cool cake!
Cam's Cake had a can in the top that we filled with Dry Ice and it Smoked Fog out the Top.
It was fun!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Halloween Cupcakes

I made Cupcakes for a Modbe Party tonight.
They used my 4 tier stand and every layer was filled with Halloween Cupcakes.
Hummingbird, Chocolate and Vanilla.
They looked cute.
I made these containers for some neighbors etc.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Before and After

This is really hard for me to do...I hate pictures of myself!
But I wanted to tell my teeth story.
Ok....I really need a facial, a good nights sleep and a makeover.
Maybe a little Botox! Heck, a little makeup wouldn't hurt!
Dr. Peterson......
But, here are my new teeth!!!
I am so glad they are done!
But Seriously...if anyone out there is thinking about having their teeth capped or lumineered.
The anticipation of pain was the worst part for me.
Once I was actually at the Dentist, it was great.
I never had ANY pain!!!!!
My Dentist Dr. Staples is the best!
He always kept me numb, I had the Nitro,
His staff is amazing too!
They are very very competent!
I highly recommend Dr. Staples and Staff!
Staples Dental Care: 435-673-9606
More details:
Read on if you are interested:
I got along so great with the Nitro (gas) and numbing, that I do not think I would opt for the Conscious Sedation again. I had it twice, and once I had the Nitro and Numbing.
My dental work took three visits.
First: 1 root canal, Grind down top teeth, apply temps on top.
Second: Grind down bottom teeth, apply temps on bottom.
take temps off of tops and apply Permanent teeth.
Third: Take temps off bottom, apply Permanent bottoms.
I had this done, because I wanted my bottom teeth straightened, and my silver fillings drilled out and filled with white.
The top teeth seemed fine to me.
After consulting with Dr. Staples, he recommended that I have every tooth capped and lumineers on the front 6, teeth had such large fillings, they could not really drill them out without my teeth cracking and breaking. I already had some cracking which he showed me.
I needed 1 tooth recapped. If you do a few teeth at a time, the dentist cannot alter the bite, length, etc. But if you do all of your teeth at once, the dentist can alter and build the teeth to be esthetically right and perfect. I guess I had never really noticed that when I smiled, my gums showed on the top. But, after pointing that out to me, I was Yea.....
So Dr. Staples also lasered my gums up so I now have a longer tooth, and no Gums showing!
If you click on the top picture and enlarge...(ohhh scary) you can see my top gums showing a lot!
I also opted to do the Elites on the front 6, which means they have some minor imperfections, made to look like real teeth.
I went 1 shade whiter than my real teeth.
So long story, but if you are looking into doing this... I highly recommend it.
My bite feels great! I have never been in pain or uncomfortable at all!
Insurance does not pay for much if any of this, but Dr. Staples will give you a cash discount, and in a few visits, your dental woes are over!
My Husband Kendall has also had all of his teeth capped.
He had his done over like a year.
I am glad I had all mine done at once!
I think it really does work out better.
I have to go in for cleanings every 6 months, but I shouldn't have to have any more dental work done for 15-20 yrs.
That alone is worth it!
Call Dr. Staples!!!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

What does 400 Cupcakes look like?

These were for a Wedding Reception tonight.
They were really fun to do.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I made taggy blankets, rag blankets matching burp cloths, and gift cards.