Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tae's Birthday Treats

I made White Cake with
Pink Vanilla Frosting Cupcakes
for Tae to take to school for her
Birthday Treats.
I put iridescent Pink Glitter on really made them look
She seemed to really love them!

Recent Icing Cakes:

Vanilla with Vanilla Cupcakes,
Toppers to match the Cake.
Baby Shower Cake for 3 Expectant Moms.
Three peas in a pod.
Birthday Cake for Brilee.
Happy Birthday Brilee!

Curt and Erica's Shower/BBQ

Lots of Presents!
My Cute Grandbabe's!
Adi, Gab, Tae, Stella and Jr.
The cupcake tower had:
Pistachio Cupcakes with Pistachio Frosting
The blue ones are Vanilla with Vanilla Frosting
The yellow ones are Lemon with Lemon
And Strawberry with Strawberry Frosting

Had a fun weekend!

Made a cute cupcake tower for my

Brother Curt and His wife Erica's Baby Shower/BBQ.

Good food and Good People.

They have so many awesome friends that

they both work with at the hospital.

Baby Bryce is due in Oct.

They have been married a year in Sept.

They are SO excited!

They have both waited a long time for

a sweet baby!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

1 Yr. Old

This was a cute cake for a 1 yr old.
We made a cupcake cake with a cake base.
We also made a smash cake for the 1 yr old to smash.
All cake.....Vanilla with Vanilla
Base cake was Chocolate with Chocolate Fudge.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Rental Cake:

This is one of our new rental cakes.
Black and White.
Simple but pretty.
Rent this cake for $150.
Use our stand free.
Then we will make you a 8" small cake
to bring out and cut to feed each other.
Return the cake.
Kendall's Brother Dave married Sandra Frei recently.
So we celebrated with a fun family BBQ at their home.
Icing made them a fun Wedding Cake.
Chocolate with German Coconut filling.
Middle tier was Vanilla with Mango cream filling.
Top tier was White cake with Fresh Raspberry filling.
Fun night! Got to meet all of Sandra's family!
They are nice people.
Dave and Sandra are great together!

This really confused people tonight!

If you are not around these jokers very much,

you may get them confused.

They showed up dressed alike????

Kendall is the OLD one.

JK honey!

My Tae Bear went to kindergarten yest.
I picked her up today...her second day.
She is wonderful.
She told me tonight when her mom took her:
"I'll remember your beautiful face".
I love you Tae!
You will do wonderful at school!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cakes of the week:

This cake was really fun.
We replicated the table linens.
Black and White.
I did not get back to get a picture after
the flowers were placed on the cake
Pink and Coral.
Hopefully I will get a picture later
from someone.
All cake.
This cake was Ivory on Ivory.
Dots on all edges and hand made edible butterflies.
It was even pretty without the flowers I thought.
All lemon cake with lemon cream cheese frosting and filling.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My bucket full of sunshine!

I got a bucket got a bucket full of sun shine!


I love these picture of really simplistic colors
and open airy floor plans...
I am so ready to build again!
Come on economy!

Icing Bakery

This is what I want my Cupcake/Cake bakery to look like.
Retro but kindof elegant too.
Love the punch of Yellow...or maybe a little orange too.


OK...I love these!
You can buy them at Wal-Mart...or?
Mini disposable toothbrushes.
They have the toothpaste in them.
You do not have to rinse or anything after brushing.
Since I have had veneers and caps, my teeth always feel so dirty?
I am brushing several times a day.
So if you are away from, working etc.
These are great!

New Pictures with the Flowers!

These too!
Thanks Tony!
Moment 2 Moment

New Pictures

I found these pictures of one of our cakes on Tony Rowley's Web-Site.
I had a picture of this cake at the Ledges, but not with the flowers on it.
It makes such a big difference!

Master Cake Decorators!

Adilynn and Junior wanted to make cakes Sunday.
So Adi colored her batter purple and Jun wanted his orange.
They also used the same color of fondant.
They turned out lovely!
Adi wanted to go buy her
Mom and Dad coming home presents.
I asked her what she wanted to buy?
She wanted to go to Clair's and buy her
mom and necklace and a bracelet.
When I told her Clair's was closed....she yelled:
"Well...what do you want me to do?
pull it out of my butt?"
She is so hilarious!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tae's Fashion Show

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26 Years!

Happy 26th Anniversary to us!
In another 26 years we will be 76 yrs old!
Hope it happens!
We will be 74 yrs old on our 50th.
Wow....Where does the time go?
I hope we can relax a little more the next 26 years!
We have been on the go raising kids, working
and all that goes along with life.
This is the first year we have been
empty nesters...
but with all our kids and grand kids living
within a couple of miles
we never have a empty house!
I do love it though!
I would die without seeing my grand kids often!
It has been a great 26 years.
I love you Ken!

Monday, August 3, 2009


I think this is one of my favorite cakes we have done. Probably because I LOVE the flowers that Bloomers put on the cake! I love Orange. This cake was all cake: The Top Tier was Vanilla with Bavarian Cream Filling Chocolate Fudge Butter cream Covered with White Fondant. It has cut out flowers, piping, and fondant swirls. We cut the flowers out to look like eyelet. This event was held at the Opera House.
This wedding was in Minersville. I seriously don't think I have ever been there! The wedding was beautiful, held in a backyard. Forevermore Events did a great job of designing and setting up the event. I took a picture of the darling Ice Cream Bar. This was the largest cake we have done to date this year! A total of 4 tiers and a dbl so really 6 tiers.
It was so fun!
I guess my own kids cakes were larger. Yikes!
Above cake had pink gerbers and pink roses.
Flavors were White Cake with Raspberry Cream Filling and Raspberry Swirl Cake with Vanilla Cream Cheese Filling. White Fondant with Black fondant swirls and Hot pink Dots. Round/Square The largest round tier was 10" Tall x 20".
Super Size It! Amazing!
This cake was for a 50th Wedding Anniversary.
Jennifer made the beautiful apple blossoms.
The blossoms were dusted with gold dust
along with the Stamens.
The couple had apple orchards
so this was a depiction of their life.
The colors for the party were
Black, Gold and Red.
This is our round wooden stand...
made by Kendall
We cover the middle section to
match the cake and event colors.
This Party was at the Abby Inn.
Cake was all Cake
Vanilla with Vanilla Butter cream
Chocolate with Chocolate Fudge Butter cream
This would be my 1st choice of flavors I think.
This was ALL cake
White cake with Yummy Strawberry Filling.
Also a Cream Cheese Layer.
It is hard to see but there were
also silver dragees
on and around the middle layer
adding a touch of silver bling.
This is the transformation that the
floral work does to our cakes!
Bloomers work was amazing as usual!
The stand is Glass on Beautiful Silver Vases.
This is sad...
I did not get a picture of this cake
after the flowers were applied!
It was supposed to get little bunches of
Kermit's, Bells of Ireland (both my faves)
and Hot Pink Flowers of some kind.
They were placed at the bottom of the V's
This is a stand that Jeremy's cousin Nick made for us...
In trade for his sisters Wedding Cake.
The stand is beautiful!
My handy husband made us this cupcake stand too.
It actually has 2 more tiers!
It is one Big Daddy Stand!
Once again a Bare Naked Cake...
Bloomers had not yet worked their magic on this cake!
I will add a picture if and when I get it.
It makes such a BIG difference!
This cake was Coconut with Vanilla Butter cream.
The Cupcakes were:
Pina Colada infused with Rum flavoring and Pineapple.
Key Lime with Fresh Lime Cream Cheese Frosting!