Friday, August 14, 2009

Rental Cake:

This is one of our new rental cakes.
Black and White.
Simple but pretty.
Rent this cake for $150.
Use our stand free.
Then we will make you a 8" small cake
to bring out and cut to feed each other.
Return the cake.
Kendall's Brother Dave married Sandra Frei recently.
So we celebrated with a fun family BBQ at their home.
Icing made them a fun Wedding Cake.
Chocolate with German Coconut filling.
Middle tier was Vanilla with Mango cream filling.
Top tier was White cake with Fresh Raspberry filling.
Fun night! Got to meet all of Sandra's family!
They are nice people.
Dave and Sandra are great together!

This really confused people tonight!

If you are not around these jokers very much,

you may get them confused.

They showed up dressed alike????

Kendall is the OLD one.

JK honey!

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