Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cabin Update:

Today the paint store sent
up guys with 100 cans of OVEN CLEANER!

Of course at someone else's expense?
We are going up tom to see what it is
looking like.
My Son-in-Law Jeremy(Jennifers husband)
is doing all the inside finish work and tongue 
and grove so he is watching things. 
He says it is looking better.

The question now is where do we go from here?
I am afraid the stain will now take different on the
roughed up water soaked logs more than the
untouched ones.

As they power wash, 
it almost makes the logs fuzzy.  
That is going to take that stain way more!
So alot of sanding first I guess.

We have talked about it till we are 
in the face!

Gymnastic's Day.....

 Maisy is really growing!
Adi LOVES animals!
She was doing a little training
 Maisy LOVES his monkey.
He likes to sleep with him.
 Jr....The Gamer!
The 4 yr old genius!
He spends SO much time gaming!
He is so dang good at it too.
He can figure out levels,
tricks etc.
He is really smart and
it shows in so many ways.
He likes to play with my 
Ipad.  He can speed his
way through a game of
solitaire without batting an eye!
 Jr.'s favorite pose lately!
 On the way into gym,
Tae fell down and scraped her
knee and elbow.
You would have thought they
had been cut off!
She cryed and boobed around
not wanting to get out on the
mat.  Adi would not leave her.
So she also was missing warm up.
I pleaded, threatened, called Tara to
talk with Adi.  Barganed.  NOPE!
They were in it together.
Finally Adi ran onto the mat
Tae limping behind her.
10 minutes later she had
forgotten about the knee
They are cousins BUT
best friends.
They really love each other!

Adi on the phone with her Mom. Tae hanging on to her arm.

Seriously!  Limping onto the mats.

 Adi can climb to the top of the rope
and ring the bell.
She has so much strength.

Tae trying really hard!

Jr. following instruction.

All ended well!

Whipping up a few meals.

I should do this more often.
It works really well.
Make the mess once.
Have several meals ready.
If you have room to freeze,
this works better.
I have enough people around
that I can usually get it all eaten 
for sure!
If you  brown a whole bunch
of hamb.  You can freeze
it in ziploc bags.
Then you don't have the
browning grease mess
when you want to make:
sloppy joes,
pizza etc.

Same with Chicken.
Brown or boil
a bunch of chicken breasts,
or whole chickens.
Freeze in bags for
later use.

I am a semi-homemade kindof girl!
I bought a rotisserie chicken at the store.
When it is warm it is easier to de-bone.
I broke out the food processor,
Grated carrots onion and potatoes
for the casserole.
Chopped up carrots, potatoes,
celery and onions for the soup.


 This soup is:
Brown Hamb and onion.
In a seperate pan, boil:
Cubed Carrots.....then when they are
cooking good, add sliced celery,
cubed potatoes, and a 
can of stewed tomatoes.
Add drained hamb and onion.

 My Mom used to make this.
Grated potatoes, carrots and onions.
Mix with cream of mushroom soup.
Put LEAN hamburger on top.
Salt and Pepper WELL!
I added some fresh mozzarella
and Italian seasonings on top.
Bake 1 1/2 hrs on 350.

I even got the Vita-Mix out and blended carrot and apples.
I really tried to drink it, but it was like drinking applesauce.
Really need to get better at it.
I blended a apple, carrot, added
orange juice and ice.
I like how my juicer does it better,
but it is a mess to clean up!

We ate the Chicken and Brocolli Soup
tonight because it is the best fresh.
While at the store I picked up
2 loaves of french bread.

Sent some home with one of my daughters.
Took lunch and dinner to my Jenny who is sick.
Have plenty left over for lunch tom.....
2 more dinners!

Last weeks cakes:

 This was a cake for my
He turned 1.
He had a cowboy party.
All Cake.
 This Cake went to Villa Gardens.
The colors were nice.  Pink and Taupe.
Pearl sprayed.  I had a Ivory Pedistal
stand for it to sit on.
All Cake.
This was a pretty cake that went
to The alumni house.
Top and Bottom tiers real cake.

Monday, October 18, 2010

I know it's JUST a cabin! BUT..........

 The cabinets have been installed.
They look darker in the picture
than they really are.
They have some grain sowing
The granite is a really light 
ivory with lots of gray and and a little
black.  IF I remember right.

 Jeremy has been working on the inside
tongue and grove.
It is a blue pine.
Lots of gray.
The walls that are drywall
have been painted like a 
cement color.
Lori Worthington
at Tasteful Trends
has been helping Tara with 
She has done such a great job!
The drystack ledgestone is really
gray also.

Everything is SO beautiful!
 Can you see the color?
It could not have been darker
if it had been tar applied.
I actually think Paint would have
been less thick and dark.

In my 27 yrs of marriage to Kendall,
I don't think I have ever seen him
so distraut over something!
It was his baby!
He wanted everything so perfect.
The craftmanship was so amazing....
then this happened.
He says: "There could not have
been a worst screwup!"
It is just really unfixable, when the
wood is ruined!
Of course everyone is trying to
blame everyone else.
The painter actually called the paint store
when he started and said: "is this right, it is
totally black".
Why then did they not THINK!
He could have asked:
How black like see through or solid?
But the paint guy said:
No that is what she ordered.
Tara's sample that she has is a
medium brown stain.
Really pretty.
I do see a little black in it which cuts
the orangy color, but it is pretty.
Then the painter stopped again and
called his boss.
No....he says keep going.
Then the painter finally just stopped.
Knowing it HAD to be wrong.
I wish he had done just the garage side,
 that would not have mattered so much, 
you can't really see it from the front.
But he did 1/2 the front and all the garage.
Pretty much 1/2 the exterior.

The outside was done by
Craig White and
Richard Jolley.
And a few others.
It was such a beautiful job.

They can tear it all off and start over.

AND $$$$$$$$$$$$
Kendall just feels like the cabin is ruined!
It will be ok, but it is very upsetting.
He and everyone has worked so hard!

 The south side of the garage
where the sun baked that black
stain right on!
 AND winter is upon us!
This is the front side going into the garage 
area where you can sit and take off
wet or dusty clothes.
The area that when someone realized this
WAS a terrible mistake and they wiped
the stain that had been sprayed on back off.
It is really not bad there.
Really dark, but at least you can see
a little wood under it.
 Tara gripping her original sample.
LOTS of tears!
To be 8 months prego and having to 
deal with this!
 Kendall talking with the man that
came up to power wash the siding.
Is it looking better?  Or worse?
They are thinking....
that if they spray it all off,
then sand to get the rest mostly off
then they can start over?????
 Tara and Kendall Contemplating
the mess!
 AND winter is upon us!

We are all just SICK SICK SICK!
So many if's and why's!
On a good note......
I borrowed my Dad's Camera in Parowan
to take pictures of the DISASTER.
He loves photography and these pics
were on his card.
I am not sure what kind of birds they are.
I will have to ask him.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fun day of Sewing!

These are a couple of self binding receiving blankets
I made.  Same front fabric.
Different back fabric.
Nora made the cute bow.

 This is a BEAUTIFUL runner
that my Mother In Law Nora
It is amazing.
Metallic stretchy binding really
sets it off!

Nora whipped this fun
Fall table runner or wall
hanging up today.
Cute pekoes around the edges.

Meet Maisy......

I have been looking for a goldendoodle
or labradoodle.
All the ones I really likes were like 2 or 3 K.
SOOOO, I went to Wal-mart.  
Some people were selling these puppies
yea, at WALMART!
She is 1/2 Akita 1/2 Poodle.
I know Akita's have a bad rap.
But SUPPOSEDLY, her momma and daddy
are super sweet dogs.  Wonderful with children.

I could not resist!  AND they were only
$150.  Petco on the other hand........
She IS so cute!
And fluffy!
And docile!
And snuggly!
And chubby!
And sweet!
And Poops!
And Pees!
And Cried the first 2 nights!
That's not bad though!
She did not cry at all last night!

She is a good little puppy!
Taelynn named her:  MAISY
We have recently watched Marmaduke.
If you have seen it, that is where she came up
with the name Maisy.  Marmadukes.....friend.
She is going to get around 70lbs.


Holy Dog Butt 
on my pillow!

Kendall tries to act all mad
about me getting a dog.
Then I go in to get in bed,
and their she is in bed with him.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Doggie Sitting!

These too gems are Jennifer and Jeremy's
I was doggie sitting them.
Dusty the big one....
always looks at you is his
peripheral vision.
Dusty is 10 and D Dog
or Diesel is 3.
They are a toy and a tea cup
They really are cute.
Jenny got Dusty for her
15th Birthday.
He is getting OLD!

Springdale Park

We delivered a cupcake tower and
270 cupcakes to Springdale Sat.
At the Community Center.
It was so beautiful and such a nice
day....we had to check out the park!

Look at that backdrop!
We live in such a amazing area!