Monday, May 31, 2010


If you do not see your cake on my blog. Please e-mail me a picture. Sometimes I just forget to take a Picture! But I would love pictures if you have them. Thanks!

Above Tuacahn

Looking up to the top where we hiked to. Looking down to tuacahn from the top. My beautiful Jennifer and Husband Jeremy. At the top.


Simple Black and White. Hot pink Gerber Daisies. At the Alumni House. I just loved this cake. Maybe because it was different than we usually do. All buttercream, No fondant. Before and after flowers. By Bloomers. Backyard reception.
Beautiful Wedding at The Ledges. 400 Cupcakes. It is fun to see the whole picture. Decorations were so fun. Laura at Forevermore events was the wedding planner and designer. You can barely see the umbrellas in the right top corner. Cute! Cake before and after flowers.

More Cakes......Serious!

Wedding at Sunbrook Club House Beautiful Cake at Villa Gardens With Sugar Orchids. Wedding Cake at Crystal Lakes Clubhouse. Same Wedding Cake as above Closeup.

Swimming Lessons

Jr. and Adi Done and heading to the car! Adi has the most wonderful legs! Jun has a handful of licorice that Lisa Peterson gave him. The Petersons are the nicest people! Adi swimming across the pool! Jr. swimming across see him in the back corner of the pool.

Cake Catchup!

This was a nice cupcake tower at the Bit and Spur. White cake with Raspberry swirl. Chocolate Ganache filling and frosting. Wavy lines. Red Velvet cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting. White Cupcakes with Raspberry Swirl and Chocolate Ganache Frosting. Wedding Cake Stalie Barn Beautiful Hydrangia on top. That is hard to see. Jaqueline, one of my bakers made this graduation cake for her brother. Good Job Jackie! Small smash cake for a 1 yr old. Vanilla Cake with Pink Buttercream filling. Graduation Cake for a runner.


Wedding at Entrada. Even the flowers were Black. Her dress silver. Ivory with fondant roses. Wavy lines. At The Villa Garden Delivery of cupcakes and a top cake going on a cupcake tower. White with Blue Dammask Talons 1 yr old Hummer Cake and Smash Cake.

Beautiful Reception

Busy setting up..... I loved the lights! Beautiful Macy and her sister. With the flowers. Beautiful Florals as ALWAYS! Bloomers! Cake without flowers.

Birthday Cakes.

Maddux 1 yrs. old. Ava 2 yrs. old. Ava is Elshas baby. She is so pretty and has beautiful red hair.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

A few cakes.

Pretty at the Ledges. Loralee Burrows was the designer and decorator. It was really beautiful! Carriage was awesome!

Coughlins at BrianHead

Whom do you think Queen Bee has on the line? Taelynn and Jr.
Adilynn Junior
Adi Adi and Tae Taelynn having the time of her life.