Friday, August 27, 2010

Almost Done.

Two tier cake. Event Canceled. I had a woman and a flower that says I DO to go on top. For a Bridal Shower. The Wedding has been postponed. Anyone want the cake? It still needs a border, but I did not want to work on it anymore unless someone wants it.

Wine Bottle Cake.

Cake vs Real
I liked how this turned out. I had a beautiful wood lid, but broke it. UGG! The cake was Chocolate Fudge with Chocolate Fudge Filling. Bottle was Rice Crispy Treats. I made the Logo on my Digital Scrapbook Program. Wood Shavings were shaved Almond Bark.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Natalies 21st Birthday Cake

This is a cake that Jennifer made for her sister-in-law that was turning 21. They went to Vegas. I am not sure if I ever blogged it, so here it is. It was really fun!

Vegas Tent Wedding

This reception was held in a LARGE Tent in the Brides Backyard. They had transformed the event tent in a BIG way. It was beautiful! Excuse the scaffolding! They were still working on the decor. 4 Tier Cake quilting/dots/scrolls. Ivory Base Fondant With Darker Ivory Accents. Very Classic and Beautiful.

Birdie Cake

This was the cutest cake! Yellow and White. The Bride and Groom furnished the birds. They were wooden I believe. The flower we made from fondant. I wish I would have taken pictures of the Decorations/Centerpieces. Twigs with birds. They were adorable! Julie Hinton/Middle Asle was the wedding coordinator. Opera House Venue Super Cute!

Light Sabers

We had an order of cupcakes with Light Sabers. We made the weapons from fondant.

Wavy 2 Tier

2 tier all cake. Fondant with wavy lines. Bloomers with a touch of a rose. Entrada. I Loved this Bride and Groom! Great People! Congrads!

Buttercream Beauty

This was all cake with buttercream finish. Simplistic and beautiful! Fresh flowers by Bloomers. Villa Garden was the venue. Laura Stagg/Forevermore Events was the Wedding Planner. Beautiful and Romantic!

A trip to the Pound

Adilynn and Jr. Love Animals
We went on a little field trip to The City Pound It was educational and fun.


Adi's newest and now history! We will call him digger. Digger was such a good digger that he dug his way to freedom last week. Another domestic bunny in the gully between their home and ours. I have a few of the domestic bunnies eating my grass. I Love It!

Gnome Land

I posted these pictures finish to start! OOPS! I did the Scotlynns 1 yr old cake last yr. So I was excited to do her 2 yr old cake this yr. I took my camera because i knew how cleaver and creative her mommy was for her party last yr. She did not disappoint this yr! Gnome Land set up in the whole livingroom! It was amazing. A lifesize tree. Mushrooms everywhere. Woodland Heaven! So darling! The stump of the cake was cake, the mushroom gnome home was rice crispy treats. Michelle Jensen my partner in crime, made the gnomes, mushroom house, mushrooms and such. I added the girl, squirls, stump, sign, etc. I think it turned out amazing. Happy Birthday Scotlynn! We hope to do your 3 yr old cake!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Birthday Gift/Cake


Artist at work! Adi really is a wonderful artist. She can draw detailed pictures and they are GOOD! I hope she does not take her talent this direction! Jentry is going to be so mad at me for letting this happen! Tae's arm is covered.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Learning to ride a bike!

Yes this bike is WAY too small. She has a new purple one that Grampa bought her, but she wanted to learn on this one. We took the training wheels off and it was a couple of days of big tears! She kept putting her feet down to stop and the pedals would hit the back of her legs. So I cut the foot off of some long tube socks(Why do we still have them?) and made shin guards and elbow pads. She can ride like the wind now! Way to go Tae! I wish I had a picture of the sock getup!

Taelynn's 1st Grade School Clothes

The drive home. Her asleep in her seat. Shop till you drop.
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Vdara Review

I would stay here again definitely. Very clean, new. A little tricky getting to the building to valet. Spaghetti Bowl!!! This hotel has no casino. I kindof like the option of gambling! But if you like a low key quiet Hotel. This is a good one. I love how they are building the new hotels.... The bathroom and kitchenettes are next to the hallways. The bedroom and livingroom at the windows. It is SO much more quiet. No slamming doors. Doorbells, so you do not hear people knocking. You never hear a sound. Which reminds me of a funny story: We were staying at Sams Town...YUCK DOUBLE YUCK many years ago. Me, Mom, Vel and Curt I think... Anyway. The room next door to us was party central all night! We actually went and asked them if they could quiet down. They were rude and they slammed doors in and out all night. There had to be 20 people there drinking. So the next morning as we left the hotel. Curt called up to their room... Wake up Call! HA HA HA! A few years ago, Kendall and I checked in there. Went to a nice dinner, and at dinner we said... why are we staying in this dive? We could drive home by midnight to our nice home and bed. So we went up to the room got our bags and went home. It was GETTO! Kendall would not ask for a refund. So.....we had a nice nights sleep in our own bed.

School Shopping????

Well the mission was to school shop. We did do that. No fashion show yet. We also hit Chucky Cheese. So fun. It is a new one on: 4175 South Grand Canyon Drive Off the 215 by Summerlin. Look at the pizza on their faces. They had so much fun. We also multi tasked! There is the best Ferguson's right next door. So we took turns looking at all the home finishes and things! AMAZING store.