Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gnome Land

I posted these pictures finish to start! OOPS! I did the Scotlynns 1 yr old cake last yr. So I was excited to do her 2 yr old cake this yr. I took my camera because i knew how cleaver and creative her mommy was for her party last yr. She did not disappoint this yr! Gnome Land set up in the whole livingroom! It was amazing. A lifesize tree. Mushrooms everywhere. Woodland Heaven! So darling! The stump of the cake was cake, the mushroom gnome home was rice crispy treats. Michelle Jensen my partner in crime, made the gnomes, mushroom house, mushrooms and such. I added the girl, squirls, stump, sign, etc. I think it turned out amazing. Happy Birthday Scotlynn! We hope to do your 3 yr old cake!

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