Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I HATE mice,
but I have to admit
this little guy that we found
in our sump pump was
sweet.  Tae feed him a
little milk from a dropper.
He did not live long!!!!!

Easter 2011

Cute Easter Pic!
Shaun, Lindsey
Stella and Gabrielle


Gabrielle LOVES shoes!
When she was barely walking
when you went into a store,
she would start kicking her
shoes off to try on new ones.

She gets a present and she
says:  "I hope its shoes".

She is a precious Princess!

I LOVE you Gabrielle!!!!

Isabelle 5 months

Isa is such a tiny little peanut!
I just love her SOOOO much!
She is a Happy, Sweet Baby!

She was having a few crying spells,
but has not that I have heard for
so long!  She is ALWAYS

I love you sister!

Green Eggs and Ham

It has been The Cat in the Hat
week at Tae's school.
I fixed her Green Eggs and Ham.
She was not real sold!

She won best socks.

Sew Day!

 Lana and I had a sew day.
It was so fun!
Lana made a laptop
bag for Chelsea, 
and I made a blanket
for Tage (Angies baby).

Easter 2011

We had such a great Easter!
Tara and Darren invited 
EVERYONE all 15 of us...
to Brian Head for Easter.
Curt, Erica and Bryce were
also there.
We had such fun.
The kids Loved every
minute of it!

The Cabin turned out so
nice and comfortable!

Thanks Tara and Darren!

Easter 2011

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