Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I hate that I have been too busy to blog! My cake business has really taken off. I am so excited to get started! I have spent SOOO much $ on supplies, tools, fun gadgets, etc, but hopefully I can make a profit sometime in the future! Kendall is so supportive. He want's me really set up to be efficient. We are looking for a commercial size ref and freezer, if anyone knows of one. I guess you have to spend money to make money? It is really fun so far! Hope I keep enjoying it this much. The public can be interesting to work with. I love cooking and baking! I hope everything works out like it is in my head!
Gabrielle is always dressed so fabulously!
She loves pretty clothes and shoes.
But the first thing she does when she comes in is
strips down to put on a Princess Dress of some sort.
She is ALL princess!
She is so sweet!
She is so Happy!
She slept over a couple of nights,
she is the best sleeper!
She loves to sleep over!
I tried to give her a taste of frosting
because I was making 8 different flavors of cakes,
she wouldn't taste it.
She said: "Will make my tummy hurt".
She does not really like sweets,
but cut her up a carrot or apple....
and she says: "MMMMM Yummy".

Lemon Cupcakes

This week I made Lemon Cupcakes for a meeting I had.
They were YUMMY!
NO!!!!!They are not on the DIET!


Ok...I know this shouldn't be funny....But.....
I really got a good laugh!
I can imagine them being 30 years old
(I hope)
and being Pregnant at the same time.
They came up to me with their
stuffed animals under their shirts
pretending to be pregnant.
Jr. was intrigued by it all.
They are so funny!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend of Fun with the Grandkids

I should never put this on my blog.
But it's about saving memories...not looking presentable right?
Adi and Jr. did my Hair and Makeup.
I really was needing some help!
Adi tied a ribbon around my head and then tied a big roller under my chin.
Jr. applied some mascara and lipstick. Both a little off the target.
I just love them both so much. They are hilarious.
Jr. keeps saying hate. He then gets in trouble.
So now when he blurts out I Hate.......then he stops, thinks and says NOBODY.
I Hate......Nobody.
Adi and Jr. stayed over then Tae and Gabby stayed over.
Gabby is also sooo funny!
She loves to sleep over.
She is so easy to have too.
We played Animal Rescue.
I put stuffed animals aroung the house in bad places
like the dryer, caught in doors and cupboards,
stuck in couch cushions, etc.
Then I radio for Animal Rescue.
When I said there were some animals in trouble,
Gabby got sooo worried.
She wanted me to hold her, and would not let me put her down.
Tae is at such a fun age too,
she plays right along with whatever I come up with.
We drug a mattress into the theater room moved some chairs around.
Transported lots of pillows and blankets.
Went to the Red Box.
Watched Princess and Space Buddies.
It was so much fun for all of us I think.
We slept in there...which was fun too.
Kendall was pretty upset with us taking over his man cave.
He put it all back together first thing Sunday.
With threats of locking it up.
Kill Joy! I had some cheese cake cupcakes that were underdone, so Jr. decorated them for me.
Tae and Gabby went to Primary with us.
I had a fun weekend.
Pretty tired today!

Dakotas Cake

This Cake turned out really cute I thought.
Jennifer made the Figure on top(Dakota) and the flowers.
I airbrushed the base hot pink.
Dakota seemed to love it.
I also made individual cupcake favors for the girls at her party to take home.
Dakota is the most darling girl. Sooo sweet and Beautiful inside and out!
If was fun making her a special cake and cupcakes!
Happy 11th B-Day Dakota!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Maybe I should not jinx myself! But Gabrielle called me from the Plazzo in Vegas. They have a 2000 sq. ft. Suite that is just sick I guess! (In the good sense of the word).
I am going to go stay with them tomorrow night! I can't wait!
They have 2 bedrooms, 2 jacuzzis, TV's everywhere...should be fun.
I will have to take my camera.
I have stayed at the Plazzo before.... But I don't ever get upgraded!
Last year Tara, Jeremy and Laura, Sandi, Stephanie,
Lindsey and I took ALL the kids to Mandalay Bay.
We all got separate rooms....But Tara got upgraded to a two bedroom suite.
It wrapped around the end of the hotel. It was Huge.
A Entry, Dining room, Living room Kitchen,
Two Bedrooms, music speakers throughout, the works!
We were all jealous!
The pool area at Mandalay
has a wave pool, beach entry pool,
lazy river, Jacuzzis, snack bars, it is really fun.
I love the Food at the Venetian
which is right next door to the Plazzo.
I will probably order room service though.
I am going to tend Gab and Stella while
Lindsey and Shaun go to a Concert.
I wonder if it's Motley Crue
Darren and Tara
are going to Vegas Fri. and Sat.
I am going to come home and tend for them.
They are going to Motley.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Adi and Jr.

Trying to be soooooo angelic!
Gun in close reach!
Adi does not like to snuggle!All the grandkids LOVE a good story!

Jr. is on this kick where he wants everyone to call him Buddy.

When you call him anything else....he says: "my Dad calls me Buddy"

I adore these children!

Stella and Gabrielle:

Sorry for the duplicate if you read the Sullivans Blog!
Picture Mail to Shaun on his B-Day
Gabby LOVES her dad!
She calls him Babe, Dad, or Shauny Boy.
She yells Babe are you here?
Cause that's what Lindsey says.
Stella's blessing Day.
Stella LOVES her MOM!
She Just looks at her and smiles with soooo much love!
It is so precious!

The Encore!

OK...I don't normally take pictures of the Hotels I stay in....BUT,
The Encore is so New and Nice
The Decor is so nice!
I love Red and Black!
Here are a few things I love about it:
The elevator Lobby...
Black Leather Look, Black and Tan Plaid
Stark White Paint (new, clean).
Antler Light Fixtures.
Paisley Print Carpet
Hallway: Black with red and white Paisley Carpet
Large Poppy PicturesEntrance to rooms Have Doorbell
Soft ring for Room Service or Visitors Bathroom: TV and Music on Plasma The Lighted Mag mirror! I have one at home and I can not put my makeup on without one! Looking from the office area through the bedroom to the entry. Robes
I forgot my Toothbrush
So this is what they brought me:
Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Mouthwash.
Bathroom with makeup desk.
Looking from the Entry
I-Pod Dock for your Alarm Bed is actually sleepable!
I love opening the curtain and sheer with a button on
the wall right next to the bed!
My Favorite Breakfast!
Locks and Bagels
And of course Diet Coke!
Isn't this plate beautiful!Black and White Hounds tooth Wallpaper
Wall to Wall Full length windows
This is great EXCEPT:
When you are in the top floors of the
Wynn or Encore, and the wind is blowing
It rattles the windows!
You can also hear the planes coming in.
So I opt for lower floors.
Black Sofa with Chase and Ottoman
Internet connection.
Lobby display.
They have this niche throughout BEAUTIFUL!And last but definitely not least!
This is ONE of the shower heads in the shower.....
About waist height and the size of......like.......A Carrot?
???????????????no Comment???????????????
I was not touching it!
They also have a "pleasure kit" on their
infrared stand....
Includes: Trojans, Warming Gel, Personal Vibrator.....
I passed room off to my Friend Dale-Ray for the last night.
We decided to go home.
Her favorite was the Black and White Wall-paper.
I like the Encore better than the Wynn because:
It is smaller,
the elevators to your room are right
next to the check in desk.
Pool close to all rooms,
Easier to maneuver without getting lost!
Highly Recommend the Encore
My Adult, Married Children Rate
The Las Vegas Hotels like this:
  1. Encore and Wynn
  2. Bellagio
  3. Palazzo
  4. Venetian
  5. Treasure Island
  6. Mandalay Bay(The Kids love the pool)

Worst place I have stayed in Vegas:

The Luxor! Hate It!

If you like the no casino atmosphere The Renaissance

is nice. It is next to the Hilton Convention Center

The tram pulls up right next to it if you are

going our to a show or something.

The pool and stuff is not good,

but the hotel is clean and newly remodeled.

I like the Treasure Island and the Wynn because they are

right across the street from The Fashion Show Mall.

I have not stayed at the Trump....it is also really really close.

My favorite show is Le Rev at the Wynn

Didn't really love Mystere which is similar.

Hope this helps for anyone traveling to Vegas.

Our Booth

These are some better pictures from the Bridal Expo!