Friday, October 30, 2009

Little Voices

My favorite thing is my grand babies voices!
Stella's is real deep and a little hoarse.
She says Da Da and Ma Ma and No.
Gabby talks so sweet and her lips jolt out
on different syllables. When she says like
Gramma, it comes out Grammau.
Jr. has a sweet little boy voice.
He loves everyone and loves to
give and receive affection.
Kisses, Hugs, Pats.
Adi does not like to hug or touch much,
but sometimes she will rub up and down
my arm or snuggle.
She is a firecracker like her Mom.
I call her sassafras.
She LOVES her Mom and Dad.
And is a mommies and daddies girl.
Tae is the oldest and the most mature by far.
She is quiet and sweet and talks like an adult.
She loves everyone in the family and wants to spend
time with everyone.
She gets her feelings hurt really easy and is very
softhearted. She LOVES to cuddle, anytime anywhere!
I love these little people! I love their voices and the
things the think and say!
What would life be without them??????

Kids say the dangest things!

Tending my grandbabies is always a treat!
They say the funniest things!
I was tending Gab and Stella last night.
As Shaun and Lindsey were leaving
Gabby said: "Bye nice to your friends".
When she says Mom or Gramma her lips come clear
out on the a's and o's. It is so dang cute!
Stelli would not settle down to sleep
which she always lays right down in
her crib and goes to sleep.
So I told Gab to go in and see if
her bottle had fallen on the floor.
So off she went saying.
"I am coming to help you
Baby Sister Stella Jane".
She said we were going to have
a Tea Party and I had to do what
she said.
We are having Blueberry Pie,
Cheese Pie and Apple Pie.
I just LOVE those little girls!
I tended Jr. and Adi this morning,
I was not up, (of Course) so they
got in bed with me and we turned on
Jr. was whipping me with a slim jim.
Adi is a monkey and was climbing to the
top of my Bed and jumping down onto
the mattress, which she always does.
Needless to say, Gramma has to get up!
Adi wants to know everything, and figures
it out. She made the videos on the computer
without anyone showing her how.
She drug the faces into their places and played it.
She always has really amazing ideas!
She was asking Tae:
"If your mom marries Brian....then her name
will be Jentry Erica Smith Gil.
Your name will be Taelynn Gil".
Tae seemed to be thinking pretty serious
about that idea. So i said...."you can decide
if you want to be smith or gil Tae, it's not a big
deal. Then Tae said: "I haven't decided yet".
But seriously....why was Adi thinking about this?


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jr and Adi

I love this picture because
Jr. Always wants a spoonful
of frosting....he Always pulls
this same hilarious pose.
Adi Always wears her flip flops
like this....half off.
They love each other.
I hope they always do!

Taelynn Capri Smith

This is one of my favorite pics of Tae.
It shows her heart shaped birthmark
and her beautiful hair.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Gabrielle and Stella Jane

Both Stella and Gabrielle have the most
striking blue eyes!
Gabby and Stella LOVE shoes!
Gabby wears these and calls them
her pocahontas boots.
Stella has been grinning since birth and has not stopped!
She is the happiest Baby EVER!
She is such a good good baby!
Adi and Jr.s favorite place to be....
In their Dads arms!
They have the best lives!
They are a Happy Family!

A Diva Cake

This was for a 8 yr. old Diva
We kind of threw this cake together at the last minute
with what we had on hand.
It was ordered the day before the party.
It turned out cute I think.
Strawberry cupcakes and Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting.
With Lots of Fairy Dust on the Cupcakes!

My Funny Daughters

My daughter Tara is thinking about coloring her hair red.
So my other daughter (that has red hair)
got behind her and
had me take a picture.
They are SO funny!

Fall Wedding Cake

Pretty Fall Cake that went to the Switchback.
The Bride sent me the toppers, 2 of them.
The tree and the bride and groom.
We incorporated both.
My Daughter Jennifer made all the autumn leaves....
They were AMAZING!
So delicate and such beautiful colors.
They were made from different colors of gumpaste,
then she dry brushed them with luster dust of different colors.
The bottom picture shows my best helper Tae.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


This cake really turned out beautiful!
It is really simplistic and clean.
The handmade sugar flowers are so pretty.
Jenny AND Jeremy decorated this cake.
Jenny can apply Fondant so beautifully!
Never a flaw! Pretty much!
This is all cake, chocolate with chocolate fudge,
and lemon with lemon cream cheese.
On it's way to VEGAS.

Nutt's Cake

This was a fun cake we did for Nutty Palmer.
I love the picture above with the boys in the background!
All Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Filling and Frosting.
Pink is his favorite color!
He is a GREAT guy! He deserves a GREAT cake!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cakes this weekend.....

My friend JoAnn is a beautiful photographer!
Look how different the pictures look
when she took them!
This cake was so fun!
An original design.
Lots of fondant swirls,
Lots of CAKE!
Sorry I posted so many pictures,
but I could not find one
that did it justice!
Jimmy "Gideon Photography"
took the pics, I will have to
get a nice one from him!
For a beautiful little 1 yr old!
The cupcake had had a few taste's!
I Love it!
These are beautiful children!
This cake and cupcakes
were ordered from my friend
for a Ward Party.
We put a grape vine wreath
around the bottom of the cake.
The cupcakes were Pumpkin Chocolate Chip.
Little pretzels for stems.
The cake had a little squirrel
and a sign that said:
"Silver Stone"
This is a before and after!
Flowers by bloomers.
It was the throw bouquet
that they sit on top of the cake.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

WOW! I was really behind!

I was SO behind on blogging!
But when I went to blog our cakes..
I can see why I have had no time to blog! I just love these faces!
They all found a pair of my glasses.
They think they are pretty funny!
This cake turned out really pretty I think. Pictures just do not do the cakes justice! This cake had 2 tiers that were a shimmery gold, which I do not think you can see in the picture. We airbrushed the gold on them. This cake was Red Velvet with Cream Cheese filling. Before the flowers and after......
We have been making these fun
crystal fountains and Chandeliers.
It was much prettier in person too.
This cake was really fun.
The pink really popped.
I liked the monogram.
I actually got to see the family
when I dropped off the cake
which I do not normally.
That was cool!
It was fun to see their reaction
and know that they loved there cake.
This cake was Hummingbird(banana pineapple)
with cream cheese filling and frosting.
This cake went to Lake Havasu.
We did not place the name and stars.
We did give a diagram of where they went.
We matched the invitation for
a sweet 16th birthday.
This cake took me a gazillion hours!
It was fun though.
Find: The saddle, fishing pole, bowling ball,
Dance outfit(prime time dancer), the suitcase,
gloves and shoes (dancing), horse shoes,
flower arranging, and purse.
Cleo was our chapperone on a trip
to Hawaii. We were there 1 month
with the rebbelettes when I was
17ish. So fun!
I should post a picture of that!
I was almost cute then.
What a neat lady Cleo is!
Made cupcakes
and sheet cakes too.
Birthday cake for 2 yr old ALLIE.
Vanilla cake with Pink Butter cream filling.
(I think)
What a cute little girl who loves Dora.
This was a 1 tier wedding cake that
she brought me her flowers from
the out of town wedding and had
me place them on the cake for
a celebration here.
Oh Well!
I guess we HAVE been pretty busy little baker bees!
I will post this weekends cake's soon!
Our favorite to date coming!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Shauns Product and Website:

This is my son Shaun's new product.
He has been traveling getting it in
health food stores and gyms.
It is a wonderful supplement!
Visit his website:
to read about this product and many others.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

This week at Icings:

I loved this cake!
It was for John Micheal and Maree Shaw
I have known and LOVED John since
he was about 5ish.
His mom Tara is my Friend.
We matched the wedding colors,
They are having black flowers and
Peacock Feathers.
We pearlized everything
to give it a nice look.
This was ALL styro so they
could have it at both receptions.
Jennifer made the Beautiful Flowers.
They were charcoal with a turq and ?
luster dust.
Lime centers.
They wanted a topsy turvy fun cake.
I hope they liked it!
These birthday cakes were for twins.
They were turning 1.
I had to take pictures of all
the cute decorations the mom
had really put a lot of effort into
making this day special!
We used their Napkins and Plates
as inspiration for the cakes and cupcakes.
Queen of the Jungle
Kind of the Jungle.
You can find the collection on-line.
I think she had bought them at:
So Cute!
Izzie's cake was striped inside.
We call it Zebra Cake. Choc and Vanilla
Symon's cake was Chocolate on one tier
and Vanilla on the other.
The Cupcakes were Pumpkin Chocolate Chip
with Cream Cheese Frosting.
I was glad I took these pictures.
Sometimes when you deliver
you can't get a good picture.
The lighting or whatever.
This Cake was Pumpkin Chocolate Chip
Chocolate with Chocolate Fudge
and Lemon with Fresh Strawberry Filling.
My daughter ordered this cake for
Courtney Glendening Orton
She just had a baby girl
Courtney and Tara were roommates in Phoenix.
She is a really nice girl.
She is a News person, anchor person?
I have enjoyed watching her on TV.
This also was for a 1 yr. old.
She is an adorable little girl
in my neighborhood.
We also made a small
smash cake that matched.