Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nice Cake

This was a fun cake to make, because it was for my old school mates kids. Donald and Lori Hulets son and Raymond and Cindy Altons daughter. What a darling couple!!! Good people!

Funny Life!

This is how Primary goes: Adi Funny! Tae amused at Adi's antics. Sweet Boy Jr. Behaving.
We took the kids on a hike. It was a little cold still. But fun!
The kids LOVE to go to the Nursery with me. As always, taking them to any store will cost you dearly$$$$$. There is always so many things they want! They know I can't say no. Ladybugs EVERYWHERE! Still 1 month later, a few still hanging around!
Jentry cutting Gabrielles hair. She has the pretties hair. So soft like her mommy. Falls in ringlets!
This was hallarias! I bought the new movie Barbie in a Mermaid Tale. Tae become obsessed with learning to surf. Here she is practicing her balance. She rigged up some sort of surf board???? Does she know we live in the desert? Adi and Tae have decided that they want to live in Malibu like Mermaid Barbie when they grow up. We found a wonderful home there on the beach. We had to look for one that looked like the one in the movie. Found it! Only a cool 4 mill! Tae IS 1/4 Hawaiian!HE HE!
This was 1 of 4 egg coloring events. I missed getting a picture of Gab coloring eggs! UGG!
They just love it! Look at their fingers!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

More Cakes! I was BEHIND posting!!!

This was for Elan magazings Anniversary Party. Silver and Pink This is airbrushed with silver food coloring. Fondant Bows with Glitzy centers. Different, but it was really pretty! Cupcakes to match.
Cupcakes Dark Pink-Light Pink And OF COURSE Chocolate!
Pretty Wedding at Bell Tower. Black Damask Red Fresh Flowers by Bloomers.
OH WOW! At the Ledges. That is what I have to say about this Wedding!!!! It had to be my favorite I think! So Elegant! Classic! Amazing! Laura Stagg - Forevermore Events was the wedding planner and designer. Bloomers did the flowers! And there were some flowers! Lots and lots of them!
Cake was ALL cake! Ivory alternating with Chocolate Fondant Damask Design. Monogram and Quilting.
Marty in the morning Man! This cake, a vintage radio, Marty on the top with a microphone. #1 in the Morning! Dial Set!
A cake for Gracie Newby. Happy Birthday Gracie!

Our Display at Tai Pan

This was a joint effort between Bloomers and Icing. I think it turned out cute! I LOVE Bloomers! They are the Best! Check it out at Tai Pan! They have a wonderful wedding display going by local vendors. Soon to also be a Wedding Venue.

Catch up on Cakes

This was an original!!!! The Bride and Groom Designed it. Her dress was actually Silver. I always wonder about cakes, then I get to the wedding and Walla they blend perfectly with the decor!!!
This was for a great kid Jake! Jazz Fan! Happy Birthday!
Jan's friends ordered this as
a surprise for her Birthday. Chanel Purse, change purse and Makeup! Thanks for the great work my new best decorator and co-worker, Michelle!
Fun golf cake my friend ordered.
This was a vintage inspired Wedding. The bride had a button collection and her grandmas vintage jewelry displayed on the cake and the tables. Broaches, Buttons, Earrings. I pearl sprayed the cake to give it a sparkle. I made the fabric flower and attached her grandmas broach in the middle. Entrada.
This Japanese inspired cake was ordered from someone out of state for her friend that lives in town. We wrote Happy Birthday in Japanese. She read it. So I think it was right?????
Ordered by customers from SLC traveling to LV. For their Grandma that likes to Gamble.
Cupcake order for a 6yr olds Birthday.