Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cruise pics:

Sandra and Grandma Nora Dave and Kendall Hiding. Happy Anniversary Dave and Sandra! I Love You! The happy couple. Sunset on our balcony. Love you Kendall!

Cruise June 2010

We just got back from a cruise on Freedom of the Seas. It is one on the largest ships on the sea. Review: It was huge. Never did get my barings. It is a beautiful ship. The pics below are of 1: the promanade. It runs down the middle of the ship. So some of the interior rooms look into it. Thats a great idea. The BEDS! The beds were actually good! They had memory foam pads on them. Nice removable showerhead. Clean. The food was good, but we think our last cruise to Alaska on Sun Princess was better. There was a ice skating rink, rock climbing wall, basketball court, surf rider, jacuzzi s that overhung the side. We loved the free coffee and danish shop, the free pizzaria. We ate at Chops. The specialty Steak House. That was nice. I thought the pools were small. We agreed that June was not the most favorable time to cruise. SOOOO many kids and running loose. No manners. Also it was Very Humid in the Carribean. The staff was great. We love to cruise!
We flew into Orlando. I like flying into Ft. Lauderdale better I think. There are more choices of flights. Not so far to the Ship. Waiting to board after the Red Eye.
Getting on the ship after the Red Eye!
This was such a
relaxing Vacation! Fun People! Fun Time! None of us were in a hurry to get anywhere! YES THE PEDICURE WAS SILVER! UM?????

Labadee Haiti

The top picture is Labadee from our balcony. If you look to the top right of the mountain. That is where the zipline Dragonhead starts. It is the longest zip line in the world. Ken, Dave and Sandra went on it. It is over 2600'. 500' Vertical. They had a great time.
Banana Tree Looking back at the ship from Labadee Haiti. Grandma Nora and Ken. Nora taking pictures of Dave and Sandra. Kendall does love to check out the structures. Me floating in my own little world. We took a boat ride to this little secluded beach. Heaven! A Haitian making purses, baskets etc. In Haiti. Going to the little beach. This is in Labadee Haiti On a private section that Royal Carribean owns.

Ocho Rio Jamaica

This was a pimento plantation.
The slave quarters. Women and Children. The men did not actually have homes. I did not get a picture of the main home. I will post it later if one of the others got a pic.
This was a school that we visited. The children were beautiful. The weather was So humid and hot. They were loving the tires.
We went on a bus tour. To a school, church, and plantation.Home on the side of the road. There were SO many of these. The church. Looking out of the church. Ken at the Church. The area that we stopped at was really poverty like. Very dirty. So much garbage everywhere. It was like they had no pride in the land or themselves. There was garbage covering the sides of the road. The people were really begging. Worse than anyplace I have been. Like Tijuana on crack. The people should realize what a paradise they live in. So beautiful. Keep it clean.

Grand Cayman

Our beautiful Grandma Nora and Dave at the Seven Mile Beach.
Getting off the ship at Cayman.
Me, Kendall Sandra and Dave. Everyone was SO fun!
Me, Nora and Sandra.
Kendall taking a picture of me taking a picture.
The guys just resting after snorkeling.This was from the shores of Grand Cayman looking out at our ship. We went on this glass bottom boat it was cool. On the bus headed to 7 Mile Beach. Wow! Don't I look happy! At the 7 mile beach. Sandra went on a Jet Ski. In the distance. We had been to Cayman Islands before. We had gone to the Turtle Farm and The Rum Cake Factory. That was fun. But NOTHING beats the Beach! We had Mahi Mahi Sandwiches and just chilled!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Wow! This is attractive!
Dave and Sandra between our dives.
This was in Cozumel getting ready to go on our dive. Inbetween our 2 dives resting on a quiet beach. Kendall Suiting up. The water was unbelievable! Coming up from our dive. Amazing Day! Our last port of call: Cozumel We have visited Cozumel before. We had snorkled but never dove here. It was amazing! We dove to 68' on my computer. Saw Baracuda, 4 huge turtles, crab, shrimp, angel fish of all sizes, huge fish of? Eel, Loved it! After our dive we went to a little dive and had nachos and drinks. My favorite day! Cannot wait to go back!