Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Labadee Haiti

The top picture is Labadee from our balcony. If you look to the top right of the mountain. That is where the zipline Dragonhead starts. It is the longest zip line in the world. Ken, Dave and Sandra went on it. It is over 2600'. 500' Vertical. They had a great time.
Banana Tree Looking back at the ship from Labadee Haiti. Grandma Nora and Ken. Nora taking pictures of Dave and Sandra. Kendall does love to check out the structures. Me floating in my own little world. We took a boat ride to this little secluded beach. Heaven! A Haitian making purses, baskets etc. In Haiti. Going to the little beach. This is in Labadee Haiti On a private section that Royal Carribean owns.

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