Sunday, June 6, 2010

Gabrielle's 4th Birthday

Last but not least: Gabrielles 4th Birthday Cake. Jenny designed it and made the G. Jentry fondanted it, and striped it. I made the Hello Kitty's She ordered a pink cake with Lots of Hello Kitty's. 4....Her 4th Birthday. I ADORE you Gab! Stella at Little Chefs. Gabby mixing at little chefs. Making Pizza's At her Birthday Party At Little Chefs. She looks so Happy! Stella was in Love with the Little Chef Doll. I LOVE this Child!
AND she looks like
her Daddy!
My favorite person!
And these 2. Tae and Gab at the party.

Beautiful Creation Gabby. Up and coming Cake Designer! I Hope your 4th Birthday was FABULOUS! Just like YOU! LOVE!

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