Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Books I have read lately:

Glass Castle:
This is a true story told by the person it is about.  I watched her on Oprah.  Her parents are homeless and she lives on Park Ave.  But they choose that life.  Her Dad always talks about building a glass castle.  He has now passed, and she has taken her mother and moved to a ranch somewhere.  Her mother had means but choose to live in poverty.  Interesting story.

Shanghai Girls:
Loved this story about 2 sisters in Shanghai.  Really good.  Love, Life, Loss.

A Stolen Life:
The Jace Duggard Story.  Told by Jace.  WOW!  Sick and Wrong!  She endured!

A story about fixing a broken marriage.  Short and Good!

Then Came You:
This story tells both sides of conceiving for another family, giving eggs, receiving a child.  Very good.  Does not work out as planned.

Hunger Games: (Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mocking Jay)
Really good story about challenges in a ring, competition to the death, alliances, love, loss.

Chelsea Handler:
Funny, Entertaining.  Bad Language

Seriously I am Kidding ( Ellen Degenerous)
Good Book.  She is funny.  Clean, No bad language.

Anything J R Ward writes!
She is a NOT SO CLEAN writer.  Bad language, Sex, Violence.  They are not for the faint of heart!
Great story's though.
There are the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series.
Then the Fallen Angels Series.  ALL GOOD!
Not for Kids OR Adults for that matter!  LOL

The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo:
This is a good series.  A lot of people really love them.  I thought they were good, but a little boring for me.

The Shack:
I don't know!  This is a true story about a man whose daughter was kidnapped.  He lived angry for many years, then God and Jesus came and spent the weekend with him.  Kind of disrespectful to me.  It portrays God and Jesus as just regular people cooking and cleaning for this man.  My friend loved the story and the concept.  ?  Not for me ?

The Room:
This story is told by a little boy.  His mother was kidnapped and kept in a room.  This little boy was never outside until he was like 5ish.  It is fiction.  But pretty good.

One Day:
Did not really get into this!  It has been made into a movie so does that mean it was good?  Maybe I missed something.  Dragged on, and then Nothing!

Memoirs of a Giasha:
Loved the Book!

Go ask Alice:
This book was so sad.  The story of a girl who gets addicted to drugs.  It is her Story.
I am glad I read it, but it was disturbing!

Bossy Pants:  (Tina Fey)
Good,  Funny.  She really makes fun of herself.  I enjoyed it!  LOL

Chasing Perfect:
This was a good Romance.  I Liked It.

The Guardian:
Good Story!  Good Book.

Now you see her:  (James Patterson)
This was REALLY REALLY good.  It is a murder mystery, with a little romance thrown in.

Days of Grace:
It was a pretty good story.  A older woman alone....A pregnant girl alone.....They help each other.

Running with Scissors:
PSYCHO Mom.  Kid lives mostly with crazy therapist. 
It is sad that so many children do not have "normal" childhoods!

Miles to go:  This was a good book.  People enduring severe losses and trudging on.  Inspirational.  We are all here to help each other through this world.  Help others.

I will add to this as I remember things.