Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Our March 2011 Cruise from San Juan PR

Lana and I have been shipping for
Ardent Ent.
They told us wed. that they
would not having any shipments
for around 10 days. 
I said: "We should go on vacation
since we have this time off!"
Lana agreed, so we went online
and found a cruise and airfare.
Left 3 days later.
It was a wonderful vacation!
We had such a great time.
Kenny, Lana, Kendall and I.
The only airfare that we could find
last minute was from HELL!
From LV-NY-Atlanta-SanJuan PR
So we hoped on and off we went.

 Ready to Roll!
Kendall OVERPACKING!  (As usual)!
How long are we staying????
 On the leg from NY-Atlanta,
Kendall got a migrain.  UGH!
He was pretty sick when we hit GA!
Then after he threwup and took some meds
he was great.
EXCEPT....He had some chapstick
in his backpack called Cat Crap.
Yes really Cat Crap!
So he applied away!
Just so happened that he was
Allergic to it!!!!
His lips were obscene!
It was good for several
great laughs though!!!!!
Poor Guy!

 We sailed on Princess,
which is my fav.
Carribean Princess was our ship.
 Docked at Grenada along side
another ship.

 Our first stop was St. Thomas.
This was overlooking Megans Bay.
We have been here before so we
opted to go to Coki Beach instead.
It was also beautiful!

 A few little fish.
 Kenny really enjoyed snorkeling
every beach stop.
The water was beautiful!
 Overlooking St. Thomas

 This was in Dominica.
We took a openair (FUMES)
bus to the falls.
 Look at the iron!
Coming out of a hillside.
Kenny just slurped himself
a nice drink!  YIKES!
I was sure he would be sick,
he has proven he does in fact have
a iron gut!

 We hiked to the falls.
It was a little climb over rocks
but it was really gorgeous!
 The roads are always
a little precarious!

 This is steam coming from 
a volcano.
 Kendall paid this dude
to pet his boa.
 I found a baby to tend!
She was Isabelles age.
I was holding her in the
monkey seat.
Everytime I gave her back to
her Mom she started crying.
I was trying to hold her away 
from my wet suit.
 The beach was infront of
these peoples house/store.
The chickens were walking
around our feet in the
BLACK sand.

 The open air bus drove up thru
town.  It was interesting!
 A big percentage of the homes
actually run a biz out of them.
 Candy store on the porch!

Kids waiting for the bus.
Overlooking Megans Bay
This is in Bonaire.
Part of the A B C islands.
Which are my FAVORITE!
The great thing about them
is they do  not see Hurricanes.
They are down by Venezuala
and the storms start in the middle
of the ocean and head North.
They do see Tropical Storms though.

Lana and I (above) were relaxing on the beach
when Kendall came back stating that
he had found someone to take us
out diving.......
I was not really thrilled about
leaving my nice spot, but we
went and it was great.
The coral reef was in much
better shape than the palnacar
reef that we dove to last summer.
Having weathered a few Hurricanes.
But the fish and water was not as pretty.
The brain coral and purple straw coral was
amazing.  Oranges, limes, and purples.
I was glad I pulled myself away from my
spot in the sun!!!!

YEAH, I know my mask was too tight,
but I like it that way!
I hate clearing my mask underwater!
Kendall makes fun of my face after.
Coming out from our dive.In Bonaire Netherlands Antilles.
San Juan PR
We forgot our Camera at the
next couple of stops!  BUG!
We visited Grendada, Aruba,
and had 1 sea day heading
back to San Juan.
We have cruised out of Puerto Rico
before, but this time we stayed
an extra day and saw the sites.
It is a really large island.  
This was in Old San Juan.

I think this picture is of

 Barracks for soldiers.
We stayed at the Sheraton in
San Juan.  This was out our 
 In Old Town San Juan.
We were hungry and looking
for something to eat.
We ended up at the
Parrot Club.
It was great!

Heading Home.  Cool wall in the background at the Sheraton.
 We flew 1st class home.
It was great!
They even Fed us!
Had real dishes, drinks
we did not have to buy.

 This was really one of the
funnest times of the trip for me!
Kendall has been wanting a
Tag Carrera for several months.
We have looked at them 
everywhere we have gone.
Which that IS the fun part!
But he just wouldn't pull the
trigger, so I bought it for him
at the Airport Jewelry Store
in PR (no tax).  
He was excited.
I think he loves it.

 Such a fun trip with fun friends!
Some other highlights:

Lana singing Karaoke!
(Remember Me and Killing me Softly).
Great food.
Beautiful Ports!

Too long of flight!
(We actually did that same flight
but different ports 3 yrs ago with our
entire family including 2 - 1 yr olds!

Laughing my guts out when
Lana called Kenny Numb Nuts in 
the elevator with LOTS of other people
in tow!

Making fun of Kendalls faces
in all the pictures on the ship.

Making fun of all of the other
passengers pictures on the ship.

Watching all the 
Les and Gays on the 
ship/dance floor, etc.

Enjoying Life!
The world is a beautiful
AND interesting place!