Sunday, December 27, 2009

Different Cake

This was a pretty cake.
Shaved Chocolate on Butter Cream

A few New Cakes:

I have really hated my photo's lately!
The cakes are so pretty
and the pics are terrible!
Luau Cupcakes
Hummingbird/Red Velvet and Lemon Poppyseed

Monday, December 14, 2009

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Stella Jane turns 1!

Sad but true:
Hungry Hippo
That is Stella's
Nick Name
This was Stella's Cake
and Cupcakes
Stella LOVES the kids.
Look at her face.
I found this beautiful Princess
Watching TV in her
Mommy and Daddy's Bed.
Stella is posing for her Mommy She is such a sweet baby! A little timid at first..... then she went for it!
Happy Birthday my Sweet Stella!

Christmas Cupcakes

These were some fun Christmas Cupcakes
I made for the Mega Pro
Christmas Party.
I loved the little Santa
Upside down!
These were Baby Shower
Cupcakes on a Tower.

Mickey Mouse Club House

Happy Birthday to one Lucky little boy!

Sienna Golf Club Cake

This Chandelier was Designed by Jennifer We beaded it ourselves. It was really pretty I think.
This was a beautiful Cake!
It was for a wedding in LV
at Sienna Golf Club.
We have delivered a
a couple of cake there.
It is a really huge venue.
Looked like it was
going to be a really
great Wedding!
Laura at Forevermore events
was the Wedding Planner.

Catch up on the Cakes


My husband bought my cake biz today.
Got a good price though!
I am kind of sad!
I really do enjoy it.
I think I am the only sad one.
My kids are over it too.
If you know anyone that can help
me finish my orders already taken,
please let me know.
I would like to be involved for the
next month anyway.
I have orders until June 2010.
I have lots of equipment too:
Fondant Sheeter
3 door Ref.
20 QT Mixer
Every gadget and tool imaginable!
Fun Stuff!
Leave me a comment or give
me a call. Thanks!