Saturday, September 11, 2010

Jr. turns 4!

Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry and Oreo Cupcakes
Junior ordered a Super Hero Cake with The Hulk.

Stella Loves Pappa.  She is ADORABLE!
The Snows.  Tao is always smiling.
Jr.  aka  "ULTIMATE MALE" busting out of the top.
Loved his Presents
Adi had a great time too.
The Ultimate Male
Look at that face!!! He is AWESOME!  Prego Mom!
Jenny and I whipped out a Banner in oh....45 min.  EASY ONE! PAPER

Friday, September 10, 2010

Victim of the Week.......

Meet Bristal.
She has been sentenced to
death as no fault of her own.
The Coughlin House /aka..."Death Row"
She is actually pretty cute.
Poor thing.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Golden Retriever and Jack Russell Cake

This was actually a wedding cake.
The doggies were made of fondant.
They e-mailed me a description of
their dogs.
Michelle made the jack russell.
It was "SPOT" on!!!
She is fabulous at sculpting.
I made the Golden Retriever.

Tae's Friends Party

I made this animal print banner.
Tae and Adi LOVE each other.
This was a spotlight poster for school.
Gabrielle and Stella, they LOVE each other.  Sisters
A nice picture at Jumping Jacks
Silly Picture
Cousins are the best!
Stella even had a great time.
I made the cake,
fondant with airbrush shadowing, fondant appliques,
then edible lacquer to give it a nice sheen.
I ordered the lanterns from World Market

Tae and Nala from Lion King on Top
Jr. and Gabrielle
The party at Jumping Jacks
was so fun for everyone.
Pizza, Cupcakes and Soda's.
The room looked adorable.
19 kids came.  They all 
had such a great time!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Way TOO Assesable!

If I am downstairs in my craft room.
This candy calls my name continuously
until I have add TOO much!
I thought it would be cute next to the 
theater room on the kitchen counter
downstairs.  But the kids are always
into it. And the GRANDMA(me)
is always into it.

At Christmas I had all kinds of
Christmas color candy.
That was also bad.
I NEVER learn!
So I dumped all the Christmas
Candy and put Christmas
Ornaments(balls) in the
jars.  That was better!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Wanna List!

I Wanna make this quilt from
Orange is my Favorite color.

I found these orange prints
I have no idea how to do it,
but it looks easy!
I have thought that before!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Taggie Blanket

I made this a while ago,
but I am going to give it to 
the new babe.
I had forgot I had it.
It is fun I think.
It is only about

Car Seat Tent

I made this for Tara's new baby girl.
She will be born in Dec.
I loved the fabric.  
I made 2 pockets that will be 
on each end of the carseat.
They also are Velcro shut.
For keys, money, diapers etc.
I still have to put the ties on the top
where it ties to the carseat handle.
Tara has not yet bought one,
so i am waiting to measure.
I think it turned out nice.

Tae's Birthday Banner

This was hard to take a picture of 
not hanging up yet.
But I was excited for my Sister
to see it.
The top picture is taken from
upstairs looking down is
why it is so weird. Sorry.

The colors turned out so cute.
I am the WORST Seamstress!
Emphasis on stress!
I have such vision in my head
and it just does not sew up like
I want it to!!!!
I ripped the material and made the
binding.  It twisted and I even
had to pleat it in a few spots! UGG
My Mother would just DIE!

But is is cute.
I had like 3 yards of fabric so I
ripped it the long way as not to 
seam the binding.....
Someone comment and tell me
I would like to do a better job
next time!


Tae has had the funnest week so far!
It is her Birthday Week.
She must of had a really fun day
at school. because she was

Really Hyper when I picked her up!!!

Her Mommy brought Wendy's lunch to school
and ate with her.

The kids said:  Is this your Mom??

She looks like a Rock Star.

One little kid asked Jentry if that
was her Christmas hair!

Her hair is black with a red stripe in the 
front right now.
It is cute, but the kids were amused!

Tae' Family Party

Tae had a great time at our
Family Party.
We ordered pizza, and wings, made salad
and Grandma brought fresh peaches.
Grandma Nora made 
Tae the sweetest quilt.  
Silky pink on one side and 
princesses on the other.

It looks like all HELL broke loose 
in my Kitchen!!!!
Oh Yeah!  It did!

I remember now why I do not
have all 15 people to Sunday Dinner
EVERY WEEK anymore!

There is so many of us now!

Jentry and I knocked this posted
out in 1 hour.
It was cute.  

Tae's 6th Birthday Week
She had to have a poster for school.
Jentry made zebra and hot pink cupcakes
for her to take for treats.

Tae is 6 yrs old and in Mrs. Hutchings Class
in Bloomington Elem.

It is a long day for little kids!
She loves it.