Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tae's Friends Party

I made this animal print banner.
Tae and Adi LOVE each other.
This was a spotlight poster for school.
Gabrielle and Stella, they LOVE each other.  Sisters
A nice picture at Jumping Jacks
Silly Picture
Cousins are the best!
Stella even had a great time.
I made the cake,
fondant with airbrush shadowing, fondant appliques,
then edible lacquer to give it a nice sheen.
I ordered the lanterns from World Market

Tae and Nala from Lion King on Top
Jr. and Gabrielle
The party at Jumping Jacks
was so fun for everyone.
Pizza, Cupcakes and Soda's.
The room looked adorable.
19 kids came.  They all 
had such a great time!

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