Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tae's Birthday Banner

This was hard to take a picture of 
not hanging up yet.
But I was excited for my Sister
to see it.
The top picture is taken from
upstairs looking down is
why it is so weird. Sorry.

The colors turned out so cute.
I am the WORST Seamstress!
Emphasis on stress!
I have such vision in my head
and it just does not sew up like
I want it to!!!!
I ripped the material and made the
binding.  It twisted and I even
had to pleat it in a few spots! UGG
My Mother would just DIE!

But is is cute.
I had like 3 yards of fabric so I
ripped it the long way as not to 
seam the binding.....
Someone comment and tell me
I would like to do a better job
next time!


Robin said...
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Robin said...

You will do better next time... LOL! No, really I love it! She can use it for years :)GREAT job!