Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Stella's Birthday

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Christmas 2010 Food and Fun!

Isabelle's Birthday:

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A few sewing projects for Izzie!

 I made this self binding blanket
out of cat fabric that 
Jr. and Adi picked out.
 Whitney Mortensen
made these "Paca Lunch".
They are adorable!

Grandma Nora's Christmas Socks

 Grandmas Nora made US
a few Christmas Socks.
They are SO cute!
REALLY sick of my tree!
Next year I am redecorating!

Astrid Obsession.

We have had a sign taped on our
front door that says:
Knock to talk to Astrid from
How to train your Dragon.
In Phonics not correct spelling.
It is so cute!

NOT such a puppy anymore!

 Kendall pretends to be annoyed by
her, but he is always holding, playing 
and teasing her.
 She has bonded with Jentry and Tar
the most!
 This is why you have a dog!
For the Child that loves her!
AND she makes a great dance partner!


It has seriously been raining for days and days!
Since we live in the desert, this was nice for
the first 100 hours, but then caused havoc!
House floating away, flooding, roads closed.....

Neighbor gifts:

 I made homemade tags to match
the Christmas Tins.
 I made cookies with
Rice paper Pictures.
Almond Sugar Cookies.
Drop Butter Cookies, 
Chocolate Chip with Coconut 
and Walnuts, and Honey Candy.
(Which my mother said:"This is the nastiest
honey candy I have ever tasted"!)


I loved the Vintage pictures!

Wedding Cakes

 A Bride and Grooms Cake
You cannot really see the Initials
on top, but they are an A on the grooms
cake which the bride wanted darker,
and a T on the brides cake.
THE most popular cake design eva!
All cake.  Heavy Heavy Heavy!

This was an AMAZING wedding
at the Ledges!!!
Laura at Forevermore Event
was the wedding Planner!