Saturday, July 25, 2009

Last weeks Cakes:

This is one of our rental cakes.....
We made cupcakes to match.
Happy Birthday Whitney!
The groom really liked the pillars...
So that is what we did.
Before and After Flowers:
Chocolate Fudge cake with
1 layer homemade deliciousness german chocolate
2 layers chocolate fudge
This cake did get flowers......
I will post a picture when I get one.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Darren's Train

Darren ran on to this through the manufacture

of his train.

This is his actual machine at work.

It takes 12 transports to move it

to different locations.

He consulted with them as they

designed and engineered

it so it worked correctly.

Everyone always asks what

he does for a living.....

This is one thing.

It recycles the asphalt mixes it with oil and ?

and lays it right back down.

He also has 10 Milling Machines.

Which do about the same, Rotomilling

but they do not lay it back down.

He also has pulverizers.

Very interesting and STRESSFUL!

He is an amazing person!

So intelligent and ingenious!

His web-site is in my side bar

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Furberry Time!

All the grand kids have been collecting these cute furberry's.
We have been ordering them on-line.
But they now have them at Target for $6-$7.
We had fun looking and deciding which ones to order though!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ken and I on our Mini Vaca:

We decided since our kids were
headed out of town
for the 4th
We would go to Vegas
for the Weekend
and Watch the Fireworks
on the Strip.
But they never happened!
So we spent a little time at
the Venetian Pools
Reading the Charlaine Harris Vampire Series.
They made a HBO Series out of it True Blood.
I have not seen it yet. But the books are pretty good!
Where the Venetian and the Palazzo connect. This is for you kids! Embarrassed? Our room.
Kendall said this is my TV
He gets the other ones!
Our View of the strip......
Waiting for NO FIREWORKS!
Kendall taking in a little golf.
Kendall at the Pool
Ken and I at my Not so Favorite anymore
Tequera Canonita.....
They took my favorite Crab Salad
off the Menu! URRRR!
The 10th floor of the Venetian.
Pools and Wedding Facilities.
The pool attendant brought me 3 towels!
Made a pillow for me with one.
10th Floor
We dined at the Canaletto.
It was really good.
Had a nice time.
Thanks Ken!

Monday, July 13, 2009

My Birthday:

My Birthday started out with my friend Sandi and Jentry
decorating my front yard with
signs and balloons.
Did not get a picture? Curtain(as Gabby calls him)
Curt an Erica
Ken and I Erica, Tara, Darren and Lindsey
Brian and Jentry
Lindsey, Shaun and Stella
Jenny and Jeremy
Prego Erica and Tara
The Fam.
Had a great dinner at Katherine's in Mesquite
Left all the kids home except the nursing Stella.
The sourdough bread and Lobster Bisque is my fav.
The oyster...I could do without next time!
I had 2 medallion filets and crab.
It is called Filet Oscar.
The filet melted in your mouth.
And of course Creme Brulee!
Stella was so good!
She is an angel baby!
We rode down with Shaun and Lindsey.
Because he is my Favorite!
The kids helping me blow out my birthday candles.
Lots of help opening my presents!
The kids gave me this picture of all the grand kids.
I love it!!!!!
Jr. is telling me who everyone is!
My Birthday was a Great Day!
Thanks to everyone for making my
50th so special!

This week's cakes:

This was such a fun cake to do!
We matched the large middle tier
with their invitation.
The large middle was stro, the rest was cake:
When you cut a slice each slice had a
layer of lime
a layer of lemon
and a layer of strawberry cake.
So Cute!
Tink was for Navi a friend of ours 3 yr old.
This Cake had no fondant.
All butter cream.
Sugared and glittered fruit.
All Lemon Cake with
Lemon Cream Cheese filling and frosting. At Bell Tower.
The decorations were beautiful!
This Cake was for Mei Li.
She had saw the Elephant we did and wanted one.
We wrote Happy Birthday in Chinese for her.
Happy Birthday Mei Li
We Love You!
This Cake went to Villa Gardens.
Middle Stryro
Top and Bottom tier was
Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Fudge Filling and Frosting.
Covered with Fondant.
Ribbon with Ribbon overlays.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

$4000. at Payless?

This was too Funny to forget! I had forgot this.... One day we were shopping at Blvd Furniture. Shaun went to pay with a Credit Card. We were all standing there, it would not work. So he called the CC Company right then and there. They said: "Well sir, there is a hold on your card because we feel that there may be a problem..... There was a $4000. charge made to your card at Payless Shoes in another state." He looked at Lindsey and said: "Have you been shopping at Payless?" Serious as can be! Lindsey said: "NO" For those who know and Love Linds.....This Is Even Funnier! So for real....someone had used his CC fraudulently! They had to have worked at Payless or been in cahoots with someone who did!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I could just look at this picture all day long!
I love these babies!
Taelynn, Jr., Stella, Adilynn and Gabrielle
You are the Loves of my Life!

My June Bug

Darren Joseph Coughlin Jr.
I Love You!
Today at my house he went potty,
I went in to wipe him...
He said: "I want that Michelle to wipe me".
I said: "No...I will do it"!!!!!
He meant baker girl.
He thinks she is cute.
Oh Boy!!!!!
He is not even three yet!

Friday, July 3, 2009


I have to write this down before I forget:
Gab slept over the other night.
She was fighting sleep. (like her Dad)
I was laying down by her.
She said: "I'm Hungry."....
She knew I would not ignore that.
She Said: "I want some peas and some is SOOO Good.
My tummy hurts cause it's hungry".
I said: "Peas and Broccoli? Are you serious? I have Peas".
So she ate some peas and a lunchable.
The next morning Robin (my Sister) brought her a pizza factory salad with an assortment of peas, broc, oranges, pretzels, corn, etc.
She loved it.
She gagged the other day when I gave her a taste of Cotton Candy.
She actually spit it out in the sink.
Shaun and Lindsey have always feed her really healthy.
I took her to the store....I tried to buy her some cookies, cupcakes, donuts, no she wanted some fresh Blueberries! I had the deli wash them for her and she ate them while we shopped.????
That has always been her favorite food.
So I went to take her home, I was heading that way but still way far away from her house, she said from the back seat: "Are you taking Gabby home"?
I said: "Yes"
She said: " I want to stay with you Heid".
She is such a Love!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Today's Cakes...

That was a lot of monster trucks to get on one cake.
Seven for a Seven Year Old.
Happy Birthday Carson!
Top is Chocolate with Chocolate Fudge Frosting.
Bottom tier is Vanilla with Pink Vanilla Butter Cream.
Happy Surprise Birthday!