Sunday, November 30, 2008


The grand babies and I love to play Hide and Seek in my house.
Their favorite hiding spot is a cabinet that opens on both sides
connecting my Master Closet to the Utility Room.
They scream out of excitement and fear when they are found.
Then they hunt for me and scream when they find me.
Then its Again...Again....Again....Again.
It is great fun.
I love how happy they are!
Adi and Jr.(painted like a kitty).

Friday, November 28, 2008

Baby Stella

All the Sisters:
Lindsey, Tara, Jennifer, and Jentry.
Everyone want's to touch Lindsey's tummy.
Lindsey is so ready to deliver!
She is such a great sport!
She does so good pregnant!
She is never sick, and never complains!
Lindsey is so small everywhere but her tummy!
You cannot even tell she is prego from the back.
She is scheduled for a C- Section on Wed.
We are excited to see our little Stella!


Above the TV.
My Pretty Nativity
(Ralph Jones Display on Charleston in LV)
I just love the weather!
It is the end of Nov. and my flowers are still pretty!
I bought these cute ground pegs at Wal-mart.
My door garland.
All the stockings are hung.
We used to put our tree up on my sisters birthday Dec. 13 th.
Everyone thought we were crazy putting it up that early!
Now if you don't have it up by Thanksgiving your late!
It was weird having my Christmas Decorations up during Thanksgiving!
I had Thanksgiving Decorations on the table and Christmas everywhere else.
I have some Christmas books I like to put out.
This one is "The Spirit of Christmas"
I have had this advent Calendar for years that my mom made for my kids.
It has a bear that you move around to a different spot everyday until Christmas.
My sister cross stitched me this reindeer. Kendall and I loved the big ornaments (4') at Tai Pan. They were $149. @. We did not want to spend that much on them Then I saw these at WAL-MART! They aren't as big or as pretty, but they give the same effect. They look nice. We hung them from our entry light with pretty ribbon. 1 - Large one and 3 - 14" ones My tree is Gold, Raisin, Ivory, and it
has lots of sugared fruit.
I have pictures of the Baby Jesus framed and set into the tree.
I have two big horns.
Angels of fabric and metal,
Stars, and fun glittery ornaments.
It is nice to have my decorations up.
Now I can enjoy the rest of the Holiday.


We had a great Thanksgiving.
Not all of our kids ate dinner with us,
but they all stopped by.
That's what it is all about.....FAMILY!
I am soooo Thankful for my Family.
They are so good to me.

Both of Kendall's Parent's came, that was nice for him.

Tae said she was thankful for her MOM and DAD.
Adi said she was thankful for Deig (Her boyfriend).
We were lucky to have Darren's dad Pat join us.
Thanks for carving the Turkey Pat!
Everything turned out really well.
We got a new Karaoke machine.
That was fun.
Gabrielle came over and sang and danced all evening.
Then she cryed to come over all day Fri.
She loves to sing and dance.
Tara bought me these cute place card holders last year. I love them.
I just put different messages in them instead of names.
Thanksgiving is not Thanksgiving without OLIVE FINGERS!
My Table looked really pretty. Kendall helped in the kitchen. Yikes he has a knife!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Little Gab is potty training.
She never has accidents.
She is just like her Dad, she hates to be dirty.
Lindsey (Gab's mom) is so smart...
she hauls a potty around in the back of her car.
So when Gab has the urge,
its not a panic to find a public restroom.
And Gab is comfortable.
Shaun (Gabs Dad and my son)
brought her over for a while today.
He hauled her potty in too.
She is just so sweet and adorable!

Homemade Cranberry Sauce

I found a recipe for Cranberry Sauce and made it tonight.
It looks and tastes really good!
I am excited about Thanksgiving.
I have some really yummy things made.
Homemade Cranberry Sauce:
1 (12 oz.) bag of Fresh Cranberries
1 cup water
1/2 c brown sugar
1/2 c white sugar
The zest and juice of 1 large orange.
I also put a scant pinch of ground cloves in.
Rinse cranberries, mix all ingredients in sauce pan.
Heat to a boil stirring often. Boil for 10-15 minutes.
Lightly mash cranberries with potato masher.
Will thicken as it cools.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Sunbeam update:

Today in Sunbeams we talked about the Scriptures.
The eighth Article of Faith:
"We believe the Bible to be the word of God"
"We also believe the Book of Morman to be the word of God"
How in the Four Books of Scriptures that we read are the stories of
Jesus Christ. How they tell about Jesus life and his teachings.
If we read the stories and directions we can return to live with
our Heavenly Father.
That we can learn about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ by
reading about them and the things they have done in the scriptures.
Kameron said: "They are like Jesus Scrapbooks".
(Only in Utah)
Are we scrapbooking crazy?
Hey Kara: Do you scrapbook?
The things kids say....
I just love them!

Movie Night

The guys watch movies at our house often,
but I do not usually join them.
Tonight they were watching the 2008 Hulk.
I wanted to watch the first where Bruce is in Brazil
living in the
"FAVELAS" (houses stacked and stacked and stacked).
My son Shaun lived and proselyted in the Favelas in Brazil
during part of his LDS mission.
They are so amazing and awful at the same time!
I cannot believe I let my kid live there!
The crime rate is off the charts too!
No police really just vigilantes.
Shaun saw someone murdered even.
The movie really gives you
an up close look at the living conditions.
Anyway....I sat through the whole movie.
It was actually pretty good.
I like Liv Tyler too.
She plays the Hulks girlfriend.
Not too bad!


We went to see Twilight.
Which is estimated to have
brought in 70.6 million over the weekend.

I thought it was really good!

I enjoyed it and may go again!

I thought the characters were true to the book,

Alice is so cute, and Edward....well,

he is pretty cool.

I was thinking that the cast would not

be able to live up to the fair,

flawless beauty that they are described as in the book,

but all the Cullens were pretty good looking!

I loved the scenery.

Not too sure about Jacobs hair!

Looks kindof like a bad wig.

He also could be a little more sexy!

Yea, the movie is a little low budget, but

I would recommend going,

especially if you liked the book!

I am not really a die hard fan, but enjoyed the books

and look forward to the twilight movie sequel!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Our adorable Adi turned four today.
She did not have a birthday!
She had a birth week!
She got a Motorcycle on Monday.
It is awesome! Blue, her favorite color. (Pablo).
It has cool graphics and her name and
her sponsor "Coughlin Company".
On Tues. Adi and Jenny designed her birthday cake.
On Wed. Gramma Heidi and Jenny
made it just the way she designed it!
On Thurs. she had 20 friends for her
Birthday Party at The Bear Mill.
She got lots of pet shop toys. Gramma
got her the pet shop, and everyone
brought lots of pet shop accessories.
She got a cool cupcake maker set from the Christensen's.
A ride on Pony from the Palmer's.
A darling Tu Tu, and so many other fun toys!
Gabby picked a black kitty with a bumble bee outfit.
Tae picked a Black Kitty with a Wedding dress outfit.
Adi picked a blue bear with blue pajamas.
I am not sure about everyone else.
It was really fun.
They played Duck, Duck, Goose, Limbo,
ate Pizza, Blue Bug Juice and
Blue Cupcakes with Blue Sprinkles.
The Graphics on Adi's motorcycle.
Jr. really liked the Motorcycle too!
He is only two and 3 months and weighs 40 lbs.
He is my boy! He is incredibly charismatic! Look at that smile!
Look at his eyes, this picture cracked me up.
Jeremy(Jenny's husband)is the dirt bike KING.
He brought one of his bikes over and gave all the kids rides.
Going over a little jump.
Does anyone have a ZANAX! I think I am really going to need one!
June Bug LOVED it!
No hands!
Darren(Adi's dad) running after Adi.
Jeremy and Jr. / Adi and Tae.
Look at the fear in Tae's face!
Tae on front.
Adi....your just a baby!!!!!
Adi and Tara looked through all of Adi's
SIX scrapbooks (YES SIX) of from
We went to the Jubilee of Trees,
Our whole Family went to
Cracker Barrel on Sat. Evening
Adi's favorite!
Then they went to Fiesta Fun.
Adi had a really GREAT Birthweek!