Friday, November 28, 2008


We had a great Thanksgiving.
Not all of our kids ate dinner with us,
but they all stopped by.
That's what it is all about.....FAMILY!
I am soooo Thankful for my Family.
They are so good to me.

Both of Kendall's Parent's came, that was nice for him.

Tae said she was thankful for her MOM and DAD.
Adi said she was thankful for Deig (Her boyfriend).
We were lucky to have Darren's dad Pat join us.
Thanks for carving the Turkey Pat!
Everything turned out really well.
We got a new Karaoke machine.
That was fun.
Gabrielle came over and sang and danced all evening.
Then she cryed to come over all day Fri.
She loves to sing and dance.
Tara bought me these cute place card holders last year. I love them.
I just put different messages in them instead of names.
Thanksgiving is not Thanksgiving without OLIVE FINGERS!
My Table looked really pretty. Kendall helped in the kitchen. Yikes he has a knife!

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