Friday, November 28, 2008


Above the TV.
My Pretty Nativity
(Ralph Jones Display on Charleston in LV)
I just love the weather!
It is the end of Nov. and my flowers are still pretty!
I bought these cute ground pegs at Wal-mart.
My door garland.
All the stockings are hung.
We used to put our tree up on my sisters birthday Dec. 13 th.
Everyone thought we were crazy putting it up that early!
Now if you don't have it up by Thanksgiving your late!
It was weird having my Christmas Decorations up during Thanksgiving!
I had Thanksgiving Decorations on the table and Christmas everywhere else.
I have some Christmas books I like to put out.
This one is "The Spirit of Christmas"
I have had this advent Calendar for years that my mom made for my kids.
It has a bear that you move around to a different spot everyday until Christmas.
My sister cross stitched me this reindeer. Kendall and I loved the big ornaments (4') at Tai Pan. They were $149. @. We did not want to spend that much on them Then I saw these at WAL-MART! They aren't as big or as pretty, but they give the same effect. They look nice. We hung them from our entry light with pretty ribbon. 1 - Large one and 3 - 14" ones My tree is Gold, Raisin, Ivory, and it
has lots of sugared fruit.
I have pictures of the Baby Jesus framed and set into the tree.
I have two big horns.
Angels of fabric and metal,
Stars, and fun glittery ornaments.
It is nice to have my decorations up.
Now I can enjoy the rest of the Holiday.

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