Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mexican Riviera

Our Vacation was really fun and relaxing!
It was pretty low key,
which was kindof nice!
We got up the morning after Halloween and drove to Long Beach.
We boarded the ship and
away we went.
The first 2 days we were at sea,
so we just hung out and ate ourselves sick.
Kendall and Jeremy would do a triathalon several times a day...
starting at the Shuffle Boards, Ping Pong, then Golf.
Jenny and I did a lot of reading, eating,
drinking and laughing on the decks.

GOLFOn one of the formal nights we went up

after dinner and played miniture golf.


Jenny kept hitting a hole in one!


We took in some Karaoke which is usually my favorite activity on board. To laugh at other people. (Lindsey got me started on that).

It is great fun!

There were a lot of Same Sex Couples on Board.

That was interesting.

Everyday at 5:00 they had a LGBT Rainbow Meeting.

We think that means Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual?

At Karaoke there was a older lady singing to her older lady partner.

Can I have this dance... To each his own! I guess.

Didn't really want to visualize that!


Puerta Vallarta from our Balcony One of the things I really wanted to do on this cruise is to see the Cathedrals in Puerta Vallarta and Mazatlan.

This was in Puerta Vallarta.

It is so strange how everyone is
taking pictures and touring the Cathedral,
and other people are at
confessional and knelling in prayer
amidst the confusion.
Not very reverent!
Sand Sculptures:

This was also in Puerta Vallarta. It was cool how they pack in the sand and then

Sculpt it.

Pi Pi's:
We walked through Puerta Vallarta Old Town
and ate at Pi Pi's
This is where Tara and Darren like to eat
when they are in Puerta Vallarta
(which is several times a year!)
They make the guac right at your table.
Really Good Food!

We wanted to Log a Dive So we dove in Cabo San Lucas
By Pelican Rock
It was really pretty there.
The visibility was not as clear as the Caribbean.. but we saw some cool octopus,
a lot of star fish, and a lot of random colorful fish.
It was fun.
After our Dive. Cabo in the background.

Back on the Ship:


These spots are Dophins,

they were swiming along side our ship.

That was cool to see.


We went to the Buffet for breakfast usually.

Then either the pool side burgers or pizza (SooooGood)

for lunch or the buffet....OR BOTH!

Then we would get cleaned up

and go to the Dining Room for Dinner.

One night we just went to the Buffet and Hot Tubbed and Swam.
We were the only ones on the whole deck.
The pools and hot tubs were completely empty.
One night we paid the extra $15.@ and went to the Steak House.
The food was way good as usual!
Oh yea....we all gained a few!

This was the Cathedral Immaculate Concepcion in Mazatlan.

Same thing here.

People touring taking pictures, amongst people praying.

The Taxis are just wild!

In Mazatlan they were like glorified golf carts.

There are just no traffic rules.

But amazingly enough we never saw any accidents.

No stop lights or stop signs....just courtesy driving.

We walked down to the beach and swam in Mazatlan.

Hung out out the El Cid Hotel. Ate Nachos by the pool.

Got TEMPORARY Henna Tattoo's.

Bought some crap.

I bought some vanilla, some bracelet's for the girls, some hammock chairs adult size and kid size,

A beautiful set of hand painted dishes. A platter, and two bowls.

A couple of boy toys too.

It was a fun day.

We loved our Vacation!

Thanks Jeremy and Jenny for going with us!

You guys are a lot of fun!

We are already planning our vacation.

Hope the economy gets better so we can!

Either Costa Maya or Belize.

We want to do some really awesome diving!


Sandi said...

So fun! I missed you

Stucki's said...

I'm so glad you guys had lotz of fun!! Casey took me on that same cruise for our honeymoon. It was VERY HARD to not eat everything in sight:) I can't wait to go on our big vacation in December!!