Sunday, November 23, 2008


Our adorable Adi turned four today.
She did not have a birthday!
She had a birth week!
She got a Motorcycle on Monday.
It is awesome! Blue, her favorite color. (Pablo).
It has cool graphics and her name and
her sponsor "Coughlin Company".
On Tues. Adi and Jenny designed her birthday cake.
On Wed. Gramma Heidi and Jenny
made it just the way she designed it!
On Thurs. she had 20 friends for her
Birthday Party at The Bear Mill.
She got lots of pet shop toys. Gramma
got her the pet shop, and everyone
brought lots of pet shop accessories.
She got a cool cupcake maker set from the Christensen's.
A ride on Pony from the Palmer's.
A darling Tu Tu, and so many other fun toys!
Gabby picked a black kitty with a bumble bee outfit.
Tae picked a Black Kitty with a Wedding dress outfit.
Adi picked a blue bear with blue pajamas.
I am not sure about everyone else.
It was really fun.
They played Duck, Duck, Goose, Limbo,
ate Pizza, Blue Bug Juice and
Blue Cupcakes with Blue Sprinkles.
The Graphics on Adi's motorcycle.
Jr. really liked the Motorcycle too!
He is only two and 3 months and weighs 40 lbs.
He is my boy! He is incredibly charismatic! Look at that smile!
Look at his eyes, this picture cracked me up.
Jeremy(Jenny's husband)is the dirt bike KING.
He brought one of his bikes over and gave all the kids rides.
Going over a little jump.
Does anyone have a ZANAX! I think I am really going to need one!
June Bug LOVED it!
No hands!
Darren(Adi's dad) running after Adi.
Jeremy and Jr. / Adi and Tae.
Look at the fear in Tae's face!
Tae on front.
Adi....your just a baby!!!!!
Adi and Tara looked through all of Adi's
SIX scrapbooks (YES SIX) of from
We went to the Jubilee of Trees,
Our whole Family went to
Cracker Barrel on Sat. Evening
Adi's favorite!
Then they went to Fiesta Fun.
Adi had a really GREAT Birthweek!

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Sandi said...

Happy birthday Adi! you are a sweet girl and love you to pieces!