Monday, November 24, 2008


We went to see Twilight.
Which is estimated to have
brought in 70.6 million over the weekend.

I thought it was really good!

I enjoyed it and may go again!

I thought the characters were true to the book,

Alice is so cute, and Edward....well,

he is pretty cool.

I was thinking that the cast would not

be able to live up to the fair,

flawless beauty that they are described as in the book,

but all the Cullens were pretty good looking!

I loved the scenery.

Not too sure about Jacobs hair!

Looks kindof like a bad wig.

He also could be a little more sexy!

Yea, the movie is a little low budget, but

I would recommend going,

especially if you liked the book!

I am not really a die hard fan, but enjoyed the books

and look forward to the twilight movie sequel!

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