Monday, November 24, 2008

Movie Night

The guys watch movies at our house often,
but I do not usually join them.
Tonight they were watching the 2008 Hulk.
I wanted to watch the first where Bruce is in Brazil
living in the
"FAVELAS" (houses stacked and stacked and stacked).
My son Shaun lived and proselyted in the Favelas in Brazil
during part of his LDS mission.
They are so amazing and awful at the same time!
I cannot believe I let my kid live there!
The crime rate is off the charts too!
No police really just vigilantes.
Shaun saw someone murdered even.
The movie really gives you
an up close look at the living conditions.
Anyway....I sat through the whole movie.
It was actually pretty good.
I like Liv Tyler too.
She plays the Hulks girlfriend.
Not too bad!

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