Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Haley!

This Thumbelina doll was kind of cute...
You push a bottom and she
closes like a flower,
then you push another
and she opens into a fairy.
I made this cake for a neighbor.
She is so darling and in our Sunbeam class.
She turned 4 today.
Happy Birthday Haley!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cakes of the week:

I just wanted to put these two cakes
side by side.....
Completely different!
This was a wedding we did in Springdale at the Switchback.
This cake was three different flavors...
Carrot Cake with cream cheese filling and frosting,
Milk Chocolate Cake with
Chocolate Ganache and Chocolate Fudge Filling
White Cake with Fresh Strawberry Mousse Filling.
I love to show Bloomers amazing work
when I remember to take a picture.
There flowers always amaze me! These fun Cupcakes went to Entrada. We mimicked their invitations on the sugar discs. Chocolate Cupcakes with Vanilla Butter Cream. This cake was for the cutest Bride. The reception was at the new Washington Community Center. Her colors were Dusty Gray Aqua Terra Cotta and Dark Brown. This cake sat on one of our new metal stands. This went to Villa Gardens, All Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Filling.
This was definitely on of our more extensive
Cake Endeavors.
3 different flavors:
Chocolate with Chocolate Fudge,
White with Fresh Strawberry Filling,
Lemon with Lemon Cream Cheese Filling.
Handmade Sugar Flowers with
luster dusted petals.
The flowers were around
two lifts in the cake.
Fondant Bows and ribbons.
All the gold was hand painted on
with edible gold luster dust.
Double tier monogramed.
This was designed by Jennifer
along with most of our
coolest designs!
Jenny has taken several
sugar flower making classes,
most recent from:
Nicolas Lodge,
Zane Beg and Norman.
Beautiful Job!
This is one of our new metal stands.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Get on the bus!

Gabby has the best imagination.
She can just play and think up
the best senerios!
I looked down and she had
all the furberries sitting in a row.
She said they were on the bus!
Then she lined them up and said they
looked like a snake.
I LOVE this baby!!!!
Furberries on the bus.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Died and Gone to Heaven!!!

This was the banquet,
The line up of teachers!!!!
I actually met these people!
They are truly such talented people!!!!
This is one of two classes i took from Norman and Zane.
String work. Wow I AM in heaven!
Norman Davis instructing me!!!
I was seriously awe struck!
These are the little butterfly, lady bug and firefly that
Zane (we are on a first name basis) taught us.
I had died and went to Heaven at the Cake Camp!
Here I am sitting at the bar working right along with
Zane Beg and Norman Davis from The Sweet Life in Virginia!
See my guys above trying to get in the picture!
AMAZING! Ruth Rickey!!! She told us her whole life story~ Fascinating!! We learned dusting flowers and leaves from Ruth. She was on TV last Sunday and won the challenge with her African Cake. We started with white flowers and dusted them to rich amazing colors! Four - Eight colors on each flower. SO FUN!!!!! Keith Ryder and I making painted gum paste flowers. This was probably my least fav class at camp.... But look at me! I was freaking exhausted! Becky Rink and I. We made a sculpted fish from rice crispies. She was also on TV on the challenge.
Jenny took a class from Marina Sousa
They made sugar beads,
they were beautiful!
Jenny also took classes from: Janet Foster, Roland Winbeckler
Kathy Scott, Janet Foster, Collette Peters and more. This is Jennifer with Nicholas Lodge!!!!!! He is a sugar flower genius!!! I wish I would have taken this class also. Her flowers were good before, but you should see them now!!!! I took a writing on cakes class from Roland Winbeckler. He could write so beautifully! Well this is just a flash of what we did and what we learned! I could just do cake camp everyday of my life! We were so tired though because we were trying to fit so much in! There were just so many choices of amazing things to learn! There were like 100 classes to choose from. Jenny and I split up so we could learn different things. The classes were anywhere from 2-6 hours long. We registered back in April. There were so many classes that I wanted to take and didn't. Toba Garret, Collette Peters, maybe next year. We were up at 6:30 a.m. and did not get done until after 9 p.m.
Three days in a row!
We stayed at the Riviera.....
But we could not have stayed anywhere
else and drug all of our supplies back and forth.
The food was horrid!
If you follow my blog,
you know that I like to take pics
of the beautiful hotels
we stay at.....
Well, not this time!!!!!
It was so worth it though,
we met so many fun and creative people,
lots from Utah too.
Just like us there to learn.
I really enjoyed everyone!
Cake Camp was the BEST!!!!!

Amazing Cake Artists!!!!

These are molded from Gum Paste!!!
They looked so real it was crazy!
These are just a few of the AMAZING cakes
that were on display at Cake Camp last weekend!
I took SO many pictures....
but these were a few of my fav's!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cake's and More!

This Cake went to Entrada...Which I love!
It was an outdoor wedding and it
was at least 104 out.
Cake was Chocolate with Bavarian Creme Filling,
Chocolate Frosting and Colored Fondant.
The bottom tier was Styrofoam! YEA!Oriental Wedding: Beautiful Decorations by Misty.
Bloomers had not placed the flowers yet,
I guess Lilies are really fragile and sensitive.
This cake was white cake with Raspberry Creme filling.
Bottom 2 tiers were styrofoam! YEA!
The Cake was getting the white lilies on top,
in the space and a couple placed on the corners.
It fit with the theme really well I think.
The light was really coming in the window at Villa Garden!
Chocolate Cake on all 3 tiers with Vanilla Butter cream filling.
Butter cream for a change!
Pink and White Rose Petals sprinkled around.
This was a beautiful wedding,
They had the Grandma's and the Mom's
Wedding Dresses and Wedding Pictures
Displayed. That was cool!

Diva Birthday Party!

This looks serious!
Tae's 5th Birthday Party.
She wanted Key Lime Cake.
So the top tier is Key Lime with Key Lime Frosting
The 2nd tier is Pumpkin Choc Chip with Cream Cheese Frosting.
The Bottom tier is Chocolate with Chocolate Fudge.
Tae and Her Mommy.
Gramp in the Background.
The Bailey Girls: Kennedy:
The Birthday Girl
Mei Li
Gabrielle taking a swing at the Piniata
Tae Tae's Cake
I love you my darling Taelynn!
You are a fabulous Diva!!!!!
Happy 5th Birthday!