Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cake's and More!

This Cake went to Entrada...Which I love!
It was an outdoor wedding and it
was at least 104 out.
Cake was Chocolate with Bavarian Creme Filling,
Chocolate Frosting and Colored Fondant.
The bottom tier was Styrofoam! YEA!Oriental Wedding: Beautiful Decorations by Misty.
Bloomers had not placed the flowers yet,
I guess Lilies are really fragile and sensitive.
This cake was white cake with Raspberry Creme filling.
Bottom 2 tiers were styrofoam! YEA!
The Cake was getting the white lilies on top,
in the space and a couple placed on the corners.
It fit with the theme really well I think.
The light was really coming in the window at Villa Garden!
Chocolate Cake on all 3 tiers with Vanilla Butter cream filling.
Butter cream for a change!
Pink and White Rose Petals sprinkled around.
This was a beautiful wedding,
They had the Grandma's and the Mom's
Wedding Dresses and Wedding Pictures
Displayed. That was cool!

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Sandi said...

Those cakes are some of my favorite! You rock