Friday, September 4, 2009

My June Bug is 3!

Thank You Bryce and Neica for letting us
enjoy your beautiful backyard!
You are Awesome!
Jr. riding the bull with some pointers from Tae. Jr. getting thrown. Cupcakes are Vanilla with Vanilla Buttercream Topped with Yellow Mini marshmellos cut to look like popcorn.
Beautiful Gabrielle
Gabby in the Bounce House
Jr. and Tag.
A couple of cool cats!
June loves his Gramma.
Circus Cake and Popcorn Cupcakes
Jenny designed and decorated this
crazy circus cake for Jr.
Gabrielle getting her face painted.
Adi's second face painting.
June watching his sister.
Tae is a mean tiger.
now she is a nice kitty.
Happy little Stella
and Jennifer.
Mini Me!
Lindsey and Gab.
all the Dad's in the background.
Poopa Pat with his 3 of his grandson's.
He is the greatest Grampa!
Sandi and Mei Li.
Friends and Fam hanging out in the
Ali, Elsha and Tag.
The pro bull rider.
Tae loved the bull riding!
Nice Kitty!
Adi fussing to her Dad because she wants her face painted again.
Happy Birthday to my darling sweet Jr.
Darren Joseph Coughlin Jr.
You are such a lucky little boy
so many people adore you so much!


Marcia said...

Wow! What a PARTY! Looks like a lot of fun! I absolutely LOVE the popcorn cupcakes-ADORABLE!

Lindsey said...

Wow! Heidi, thanks for making your picture recap make it look like we didn't miss the party! I felt so terrible we were so late!!! UGH! What a blast! You grandkids are all so fortunate to have you!
Jr is such a little sweetie! He melts my heart.