Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Died and Gone to Heaven!!!

This was the banquet,
The line up of teachers!!!!
I actually met these people!
They are truly such talented people!!!!
This is one of two classes i took from Norman and Zane.
String work. Wow I AM in heaven!
Norman Davis instructing me!!!
I was seriously awe struck!
These are the little butterfly, lady bug and firefly that
Zane (we are on a first name basis) taught us.
I had died and went to Heaven at the Cake Camp!
Here I am sitting at the bar working right along with
Zane Beg and Norman Davis from The Sweet Life in Virginia!
See my guys above trying to get in the picture!
AMAZING! Ruth Rickey!!! She told us her whole life story~ Fascinating!! We learned dusting flowers and leaves from Ruth. She was on TV last Sunday and won the challenge with her African Cake. We started with white flowers and dusted them to rich amazing colors! Four - Eight colors on each flower. SO FUN!!!!! Keith Ryder and I making painted gum paste flowers. This was probably my least fav class at camp.... But look at me! I was freaking exhausted! Becky Rink and I. We made a sculpted fish from rice crispies. She was also on TV on the challenge.
Jenny took a class from Marina Sousa
They made sugar beads,
they were beautiful!
Jenny also took classes from: Janet Foster, Roland Winbeckler
Kathy Scott, Janet Foster, Collette Peters and more. This is Jennifer with Nicholas Lodge!!!!!! He is a sugar flower genius!!! I wish I would have taken this class also. Her flowers were good before, but you should see them now!!!! I took a writing on cakes class from Roland Winbeckler. He could write so beautifully! Well this is just a flash of what we did and what we learned! I could just do cake camp everyday of my life! We were so tired though because we were trying to fit so much in! There were just so many choices of amazing things to learn! There were like 100 classes to choose from. Jenny and I split up so we could learn different things. The classes were anywhere from 2-6 hours long. We registered back in April. There were so many classes that I wanted to take and didn't. Toba Garret, Collette Peters, maybe next year. We were up at 6:30 a.m. and did not get done until after 9 p.m.
Three days in a row!
We stayed at the Riviera.....
But we could not have stayed anywhere
else and drug all of our supplies back and forth.
The food was horrid!
If you follow my blog,
you know that I like to take pics
of the beautiful hotels
we stay at.....
Well, not this time!!!!!
It was so worth it though,
we met so many fun and creative people,
lots from Utah too.
Just like us there to learn.
I really enjoyed everyone!
Cake Camp was the BEST!!!!!

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Jewls said...

Sounds like you had a blast! Can't wait to see some of the cool things you've learned.