Saturday, April 25, 2009

This week in Cake.....

Beautiful Wedding Cake!
All Cake.
Sugar Pearls, Black Ribbon and Real Red Roses.
Corporate Cake
All Chocolate
Chocolate Fondant
Chocolate Covered Strawberries
doTerra One Year Anniversary Celebration
Essential Oils

Monday, April 20, 2009




My sister Robin laughed her head off when I told her
I was going to a coupon party.
Yea....A Coupon Party.
This cute girl comes and shows you the
tricks to the grocery game.
It is really interesting and
teaches you how to save money at the
Grocery Store.
This cool web site that tells you
where and what coupons are a
great deal that week.
They kindof do the work for you.
You can build your storage
by stocking up on what is a great deal.
Something we all should be doing.
I am really going to give it a shot!
I spend way too much on groceries!
I am having a party....
Nothing to buy! Nothing to join!
Just Fun and Learning!
You are all invited:
April 28th
My House
You can E-Mail me for more info>
I will even bake you some cupcakes!

This week in Cake....

Bunko Cake

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Gabrielle and Stella Jane

Oh Dear!
Gabrielle is so protective of Stella.
When anyone else come near her she will run over
put one hand on Stella's check and hold her hand with the other hand.
She wants Stella to feel safe.
Stella's daddy Shaun calls her his little hippo.
Or Gloria (Madagascar Hippo)
She is a little butterball!
Lindsey fed her rice cereal for the first time
Stella just busted out laughing.
She thought life could not get any better!
Then it did!
Lindsey hollered at Shaun to come watch.
What a funny little baby.
She Loves to nurse. She wont take a bottle or binky.
But I think she is doing just fine without a bottle!

Gymnastics Review

Tae receiving her award.
Sometimes Tae is a little clumsy.
How did I get that on Camera?
Junior also wanted to try it out.
Adi receiving her award.
She stopped to pose several times Perfect form!

Jun, Adi, Pinky Pie and Marco:

I bought Tae and Adi bunnies for Easter.
They named them:
Pinky Pie and Sweetie Bell
They are the cutest bunnies!
Junior wanted a Popsicle instead of a bunny.
That was cheaper!
Gabrielle does not like animals so much.
Shaun bought her some chicks
she said: "give them to Gramma Heidi
they are too scary for me".
Jun, Ad and Tae have baby chicks too,
their names are also Pinky Pie, Sweetie Bell and
Juniors chicks name is Jealous????
Jennys husband stopped at Tara's
the other day...
He said to me:
"Tara has gone too far this time,
the chicks and the bunnies are all loose in the house".
A moment. Jun loves Pinky Pie too. These two love each other so much! They are best friends. They are almost two years apart, but Junior is almost as tall and certainly as big as his sister Adi. They were dancing to the music that was on in the car. HILARIOUS!! They have some moves! Well, Tara IS their mom! Pretty much every time they come over, the go get the neighbors dog MARCO.
He is a really cute dog.

Cakes, Cakes, Cakes!

All of these cakes are All Cake.
They all are really heavy.
The Monte the Great Cake was not leaning!
Kendall just took the picture at an angle.
The bottom one, did not have the floral on it yet....
Loads of Fun!