Saturday, April 11, 2009

Jun, Adi, Pinky Pie and Marco:

I bought Tae and Adi bunnies for Easter.
They named them:
Pinky Pie and Sweetie Bell
They are the cutest bunnies!
Junior wanted a Popsicle instead of a bunny.
That was cheaper!
Gabrielle does not like animals so much.
Shaun bought her some chicks
she said: "give them to Gramma Heidi
they are too scary for me".
Jun, Ad and Tae have baby chicks too,
their names are also Pinky Pie, Sweetie Bell and
Juniors chicks name is Jealous????
Jennys husband stopped at Tara's
the other day...
He said to me:
"Tara has gone too far this time,
the chicks and the bunnies are all loose in the house".
A moment. Jun loves Pinky Pie too. These two love each other so much! They are best friends. They are almost two years apart, but Junior is almost as tall and certainly as big as his sister Adi. They were dancing to the music that was on in the car. HILARIOUS!! They have some moves! Well, Tara IS their mom! Pretty much every time they come over, the go get the neighbors dog MARCO.
He is a really cute dog.

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