Saturday, April 11, 2009

Gabrielle and Stella Jane

Oh Dear!
Gabrielle is so protective of Stella.
When anyone else come near her she will run over
put one hand on Stella's check and hold her hand with the other hand.
She wants Stella to feel safe.
Stella's daddy Shaun calls her his little hippo.
Or Gloria (Madagascar Hippo)
She is a little butterball!
Lindsey fed her rice cereal for the first time
Stella just busted out laughing.
She thought life could not get any better!
Then it did!
Lindsey hollered at Shaun to come watch.
What a funny little baby.
She Loves to nurse. She wont take a bottle or binky.
But I think she is doing just fine without a bottle!

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Sandi said...

Happy Easter! What cute girls...