Friday, March 27, 2009


Ok....I'm not really..but.....
Utah loves Cupcakes contacted me to use my
25 Reasons to eat a cupcake
I said sure,
Now it is on there website, which by the way is really fun!
Makes me want to open a shop!
There are so many new cupcake shops in the Salt Lake area.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Stellas Baby Quilts

The sister on the right(the fabulous pony tail)didn't want her picture taken.
I finally got Stella's baby quilts finished!
They turned out cute I think.
Now she is almost 4 months old!
She has had RSV
She was sooo sick for several weeks.
I can handle anything usually
but not really sick kids!
Her grandmas Sherril thought she maybe had
lost a couple of pound from the cheeks!
She is better now!
The Cupcake Quilt:
I just winged this without a pattern.
I cut out a big cupcake and sewed it on as an applique.
So when it is washed a lot it will fray out around the cupcake and cherry.
The matching fabrics were so cute.
I put red minky on the back.
The Butterfly Quilt:
I saw this on-line.
I made up the pattern.
I back stitched the butterfly wings like 6 times so
they would never rip off.
I put pink minky on the back.
Snuggle my Baby!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Thank You!

Where did this man come from?
He is always so much help!
I complained that my grout was dirty.
I mop, but it just does not get at the grout good.
Here he comes with a scrub brush...
and his favorite....the shop vac!

New Equipment

Well I think Kendall wants me to be really efficient.
He bought me a new 20 Quart Mixer
And A 30" Fondant Sheeter.
Also a three door stainless steel Refrigerator.
I guess I better stay busy!
All of these make life SO much easier!


This cake really turned out pretty!
We Used Black Fondant on the middle tier and
White on the top and bottom tiers.
Mostly Cutouts and piping.
The horizontal stripes were tricky!
The diamonds are edible sugar diamonds.
The Cake is Red Velvet!
It will be so pretty cut!
Really Red
I added A Lot of Red Food Coloring to the batter.
My Husband built the stand with metal and wood.
Really sturdy!
The pipe goes clear up through the middle.
Boomers put on the Roses.
They are always Amazing!
Jenny is so much help!
I could not do this without Her and Kendall's Help!
The wedding looks like it is going to be Beautiful!

Reagans B-Day Cake and Cupcakes

This is a cheerleading cake for a 3 year old's birthday.
We put luster dust all over the dots, and
Pink Sprinkles on the pink cupcakes.
The cake was strawberry.
We tried to match the cake to the
board we made.
Just wrapping paper.

My Favorite Dinner!

No freaking wonder I'm fat!
We have been frequenting Robertos! This is #11. Three rolled Chicken Tacos. Like Toquitos. Kendall loves the Chicken Enchiladas. Shaun says it is 2000 calories just to drive by the place. My friend Leo that works the drive up window has become a little too friendly! I think he thinks I go there to see him I go there so much.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Too tired to do anything but blog!

Here is a look at what Jennifer and I have been up to the past two weeks: