Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Coughlins 2010

A few of my favorite pictures
of the Coughlins.

Junior and Tara

Adilynns 5 yr old pics.

junior, adi and tae in brianhead

Junior and Adi

 Adi's 2010 Pagent

 Adi and Jr. Football team

The Palms Place

Loving the Palms Place!
Really sleek/modern.
Clean and New!
Full Kitchen
Nice Closets
 3 flat screens.
Large desktop/junk collector!

 Nice shower.
You walk through the
shower to the tub.
Frosted glass separates
 Nice Fluffy Bed!
Lots of mirrors.
Deck with a view.
Great getaway!
A short walk through
a enclosed corridor
to get to the palms.
Food court, restaurants, movie theaters.
Shows, gambling, Hot night clubs!
Great people watching!!!
Love to watch the club goers waiting
in line.  Funny how the hot ones go in
and the others stand in line FOREVER!

Miss American Starlet Pagent

 Adi's dress this year was beautiful!
A melon color.

I made several fabric
rosettes for her hair.

 Her sportswear was amazing!

 Her dress was ITCHY!
 Look at her Daddy's face!
He LOVES his "Baby Doll"!

 She has the most amazing legs!
 Just because I made 100
rosettes, doesn't mean
she needed to wear them ALL!
 Her Proud Fan/Cheering section!
 Tae LOVES to mother Adi!
I LOVE you Beautiful Adilynn Dawn!

Taelynns Fashion Show at the Bridal Fair

 This was a funny coincedence!
Tae has this same dress.
She wore it for my Brother Curts
Wedding a couple years ago!
 Tae's hair is ALWAYS 

Red Dress on her!