Saturday, February 19, 2011

A few reader bags.

 Everyone wanted a bag for their:
So I have been trying 
to get a few done!!!
 The are really fast and easy!
Here are some step by steps:
 Measure your whatever
that you want to put inside(ipad etc.)
Cut your 2 outside pieces
a front and back - 2 1/2" larger 
than your item to be stored (ipad etc).
Cut 2 pieces of inside lining 1/2"
smaller than outside pieces.
Cut 4" x 7" piece for handle.
Fold that in half and sew.
Turn inside out. Iron.
Cut 2 piece of fusible fleece
same size as lining pieces.
Cut 1 piece same as outside
piece for pocket.  
Fold in half and iron.
Sew rickrack, or ruffle or
whatev to embellish the pocket.
If you want a snap or velcro
to secure pocket or top, 
do that now.
Sew pocket onto front piece
around 3 sides. 

 Iron fleece onto wrong
side of linen pieces.
Sew outside bag piece together
leaving the top open. 
Sew the inside bag together
leaving the top open 
AND a 5ish" opening in the
bottom of the bag!!!!
 Pin strap to front of bag
and other end to back of bag.
With RIGHT sides together
slip outside bag into inside bag.
 Pin top openings together.
easing in where needed.
Make sure handle is pushed
down out of the way.
Sew around top of bag with
no openings. 
Completely closed.
 Then pull outside bag
through opening in bottom
of lining bag.
 This is what it should look like.
Iron and sew opening closed.
Tuck inside lining into outside bag.

I then like to Iron then sew
around the top of bag to make
it look more finished.

This is another carseat cover
that I made for Isabelle.
Being winter, Tara always
had one on her carseat.
This is just a self-binding
blanket with a loop 
sewn on it to hold
it on the carseat.
I have a tutorial 
on my blog!
I embellished it
with a fabric flower.
Of course sew the
pockets on before you
sew the front to the back.

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