Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Grand Cayman

Our beautiful Grandma Nora and Dave at the Seven Mile Beach.
Getting off the ship at Cayman.
Me, Kendall Sandra and Dave. Everyone was SO fun!
Me, Nora and Sandra.
Kendall taking a picture of me taking a picture.
The guys just resting after snorkeling.This was from the shores of Grand Cayman looking out at our ship. We went on this glass bottom boat it was cool. On the bus headed to 7 Mile Beach. Wow! Don't I look happy! At the 7 mile beach. Sandra went on a Jet Ski. In the distance. We had been to Cayman Islands before. We had gone to the Turtle Farm and The Rum Cake Factory. That was fun. But NOTHING beats the Beach! We had Mahi Mahi Sandwiches and just chilled!

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