Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ocho Rio Jamaica

This was a pimento plantation.
The slave quarters. Women and Children. The men did not actually have homes. I did not get a picture of the main home. I will post it later if one of the others got a pic.
This was a school that we visited. The children were beautiful. The weather was So humid and hot. They were loving the tires.
We went on a bus tour. To a school, church, and plantation.Home on the side of the road. There were SO many of these. The church. Looking out of the church. Ken at the Church. The area that we stopped at was really poverty like. Very dirty. So much garbage everywhere. It was like they had no pride in the land or themselves. There was garbage covering the sides of the road. The people were really begging. Worse than anyplace I have been. Like Tijuana on crack. The people should realize what a paradise they live in. So beautiful. Keep it clean.

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