Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cruise June 2010

We just got back from a cruise on Freedom of the Seas. It is one on the largest ships on the sea. Review: It was huge. Never did get my barings. It is a beautiful ship. The pics below are of 1: the promanade. It runs down the middle of the ship. So some of the interior rooms look into it. Thats a great idea. The BEDS! The beds were actually good! They had memory foam pads on them. Nice removable showerhead. Clean. The food was good, but we think our last cruise to Alaska on Sun Princess was better. There was a ice skating rink, rock climbing wall, basketball court, surf rider, jacuzzi s that overhung the side. We loved the free coffee and danish shop, the free pizzaria. We ate at Chops. The specialty Steak House. That was nice. I thought the pools were small. We agreed that June was not the most favorable time to cruise. SOOOO many kids and running loose. No manners. Also it was Very Humid in the Carribean. The staff was great. We love to cruise!
We flew into Orlando. I like flying into Ft. Lauderdale better I think. There are more choices of flights. Not so far to the Ship. Waiting to board after the Red Eye.
Getting on the ship after the Red Eye!
This was such a
relaxing Vacation! Fun People! Fun Time! None of us were in a hurry to get anywhere! YES THE PEDICURE WAS SILVER! UM?????

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