Saturday, April 17, 2010

Catch up on Cakes

This was an original!!!! The Bride and Groom Designed it. Her dress was actually Silver. I always wonder about cakes, then I get to the wedding and Walla they blend perfectly with the decor!!!
This was for a great kid Jake! Jazz Fan! Happy Birthday!
Jan's friends ordered this as
a surprise for her Birthday. Chanel Purse, change purse and Makeup! Thanks for the great work my new best decorator and co-worker, Michelle!
Fun golf cake my friend ordered.
This was a vintage inspired Wedding. The bride had a button collection and her grandmas vintage jewelry displayed on the cake and the tables. Broaches, Buttons, Earrings. I pearl sprayed the cake to give it a sparkle. I made the fabric flower and attached her grandmas broach in the middle. Entrada.
This Japanese inspired cake was ordered from someone out of state for her friend that lives in town. We wrote Happy Birthday in Japanese. She read it. So I think it was right?????
Ordered by customers from SLC traveling to LV. For their Grandma that likes to Gamble.
Cupcake order for a 6yr olds Birthday.

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