Thursday, August 5, 2010

Vdara Review

I would stay here again definitely. Very clean, new. A little tricky getting to the building to valet. Spaghetti Bowl!!! This hotel has no casino. I kindof like the option of gambling! But if you like a low key quiet Hotel. This is a good one. I love how they are building the new hotels.... The bathroom and kitchenettes are next to the hallways. The bedroom and livingroom at the windows. It is SO much more quiet. No slamming doors. Doorbells, so you do not hear people knocking. You never hear a sound. Which reminds me of a funny story: We were staying at Sams Town...YUCK DOUBLE YUCK many years ago. Me, Mom, Vel and Curt I think... Anyway. The room next door to us was party central all night! We actually went and asked them if they could quiet down. They were rude and they slammed doors in and out all night. There had to be 20 people there drinking. So the next morning as we left the hotel. Curt called up to their room... Wake up Call! HA HA HA! A few years ago, Kendall and I checked in there. Went to a nice dinner, and at dinner we said... why are we staying in this dive? We could drive home by midnight to our nice home and bed. So we went up to the room got our bags and went home. It was GETTO! Kendall would not ask for a refund. So.....we had a nice nights sleep in our own bed.

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