Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Whipping up a few meals.

I should do this more often.
It works really well.
Make the mess once.
Have several meals ready.
If you have room to freeze,
this works better.
I have enough people around
that I can usually get it all eaten 
for sure!
If you  brown a whole bunch
of hamb.  You can freeze
it in ziploc bags.
Then you don't have the
browning grease mess
when you want to make:
sloppy joes,
pizza etc.

Same with Chicken.
Brown or boil
a bunch of chicken breasts,
or whole chickens.
Freeze in bags for
later use.

I am a semi-homemade kindof girl!
I bought a rotisserie chicken at the store.
When it is warm it is easier to de-bone.
I broke out the food processor,
Grated carrots onion and potatoes
for the casserole.
Chopped up carrots, potatoes,
celery and onions for the soup.


 This soup is:
Brown Hamb and onion.
In a seperate pan, boil:
Cubed Carrots.....then when they are
cooking good, add sliced celery,
cubed potatoes, and a 
can of stewed tomatoes.
Add drained hamb and onion.

 My Mom used to make this.
Grated potatoes, carrots and onions.
Mix with cream of mushroom soup.
Put LEAN hamburger on top.
Salt and Pepper WELL!
I added some fresh mozzarella
and Italian seasonings on top.
Bake 1 1/2 hrs on 350.

I even got the Vita-Mix out and blended carrot and apples.
I really tried to drink it, but it was like drinking applesauce.
Really need to get better at it.
I blended a apple, carrot, added
orange juice and ice.
I like how my juicer does it better,
but it is a mess to clean up!

We ate the Chicken and Brocolli Soup
tonight because it is the best fresh.
While at the store I picked up
2 loaves of french bread.

Sent some home with one of my daughters.
Took lunch and dinner to my Jenny who is sick.
Have plenty left over for lunch tom.....
2 more dinners!

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