Thursday, October 7, 2010


 ALOT of Fondant Rosettes!
Pearl overall.
Villa Gardens
 I did a trial run of this cake for Tae.
This one was cool.
The groom went to Africa
on his Mission.
So the theme was Jungle.
Cool Florals!!

Bloomers!  Awesome
The reception was
at Bell Tower.
All jungle Linens.

 This was the 1st of TWO!
Yep!  I delivered 4 Cakes this Sat.
I delivered this one....
The glass did feel a little slippy
on the stand.  The table was on
grass.  So maybe not very level also.
But being busy and
2 other cakes in the car.....
I dismissed it.
An hour or so later on my last
delivery (and may i add DEAD on
my feet) I see a call coming into
my cell phone that was from the
Wedding Planner.  Laura
from Forevermore Events.
She is amazing by the way!
My heart stopped knowing if 
she was calling me in the middle of a event.....
Something was terribly wrong!

YES!  The cake had slid, she stopped it
with her arm, but it dented the whole side in.
I seriously dropped and ran on the last delivery.
Did not get a picture.  It was a beautiful cake too!  
Dang it!

Ran home, covered a two tier cake STYRO of course.
Decorated it the same as the 1st.  Yelling orders at my
husband "get this get that"!

He LOVES my cake biz!  NOT!

Delivered the 2nd FAKE cake as the guests were
arriving for the reception.
1 hour flat!  AND clear across town!

It was the coolest party!
At the park.
Sail boats everywhere!
Really original!
Way to go Laura!

 This cake went to Entrada.
It is IT'S fault I was in a hurry!
I mimicked the invitation design.
They also had sugar cookies
with the cub logo and cupcakes.
Did I get a picture?????
I will have to look.
They were really cool!

This picture does NOT do justice
to this cake.
The Bride made the fabric flowers.
Really beautiful.
It is on a mirror stand so the picture
looks weird!
Black Feathers.
Hand Painted swirls.
Pink Fondant Dots.


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