Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gymnastic's Day.....

 Maisy is really growing!
Adi LOVES animals!
She was doing a little training
 Maisy LOVES his monkey.
He likes to sleep with him.
 Jr....The Gamer!
The 4 yr old genius!
He spends SO much time gaming!
He is so dang good at it too.
He can figure out levels,
tricks etc.
He is really smart and
it shows in so many ways.
He likes to play with my 
Ipad.  He can speed his
way through a game of
solitaire without batting an eye!
 Jr.'s favorite pose lately!
 On the way into gym,
Tae fell down and scraped her
knee and elbow.
You would have thought they
had been cut off!
She cryed and boobed around
not wanting to get out on the
mat.  Adi would not leave her.
So she also was missing warm up.
I pleaded, threatened, called Tara to
talk with Adi.  Barganed.  NOPE!
They were in it together.
Finally Adi ran onto the mat
Tae limping behind her.
10 minutes later she had
forgotten about the knee
They are cousins BUT
best friends.
They really love each other!

Adi on the phone with her Mom. Tae hanging on to her arm.

Seriously!  Limping onto the mats.

 Adi can climb to the top of the rope
and ring the bell.
She has so much strength.

Tae trying really hard!

Jr. following instruction.

All ended well!

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