Thursday, October 7, 2010

Catching up on a few cake....

 This was a retirement cake.
I don't think I had ever done 
one of those before!
Social Security Check.
I put amount 62. because
that is his age.
I had the cutest jumping
fish all made........
It is still sitting in the bakery?
"Gary" loves to fly fish.

 Rental Cake that went to 
Villa Gardens.
Very Pretty.
Lindsey was putting
flowers on it,
but had to bolt.
Missed the final pic!
 I LOVED the pink and black
candy bar!
So Fun!
Look at the cute big
pink marshmello's!
Laura at Forevermore Events
was the wedding planner!
 Beautiful at the Bell Tower.
Fresh Flowers.
Very Pretty!
80th Birthday Party.
Looks like it was going
to be a fun party!

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