Friday, October 8, 2010

Ken Newby's B-Day Cake:

I made this cake for Ken Newby.
He is my daughter-in-laws Dad.
He turned 70.
I wanted it to be really awesome.
I learned a good lesson on this cake.
DON'T put fresh strawberries in a
cake.  Expecially not a Carved one.
It WAS really awesome......
then it started to sag.
The strawberries I think.
Maybe the moisture inside from them.
Anyway, the tires started going flat.
And it looked a little more...."animated".
I liked it before.
Live and Learn!
These are the after pictures!
I should have got some before pics!

 I made this little sign for him.
I have been seeing these on 
the crafters blogs.
Subway art.
I did not do so good on
this one.
I want to try a few more.
I have one ready for MY dad.
I think I will adhesive spray the
back of the paper...
Stick it down.
Then modge podge over it next time.
 Ken is such a great guy.
We sure love him.
 Ken with also our Stella.
 Stella kissing her OTHER
Grampa Ken.
 Ken with his Grandchildren.
The two little girls in the skirts:
Gabriella and Stella.
They are Shaun and Lindsey's
Girls.  Also Our Grandchildren.
 Great Couple!

Ken's favorite of his Car Collection.
1937 Buick.
I modeled the Cake after it.

I told Lindsey that I also fell in Love with this car
while making it!
It is a beautiful car.
Ken calls his Black Beauty.
It sure is!

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