Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fleece Blanket

This was really fun and fast!
They have this rotary blade that
fits your rotary tool, that is like a
meat tenderizer tool.  ????
Like a notched circle.

1.  Trim fabric to desired size.
2.  Round corners.  (I used a plate as a guide).
3.  Use plate and ruler to rotary "punch" hole all
     the was around the blanket.
     I went in too far. So around 1/4" would be better,
4.  Single crochet all the way around in each hole with 1
     chain in between each.
5.  Go around again double crochet 3 times in1st gap, single crochet
          in second gap. 3 dc in next gap, sc in next gap........continue around
      every other one a sc, the other everyother one 3 dc.
      and wa la!  You are finished.

I just made up the crocheting part,  You can too!

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